Long Eared Hedgehog: Facts, Diet, Color, Weight, Habitat, Lifespan & Care

Long Eared Hedgehog

Long eared hedgehog is a species of hedgehog’s family. They are native to Central Asian Countries and some Middle East countries. As the name suggests, they are recognized by their distinctive feature “eye-catching long ear” which distinguishes them from other hedgies. These nocturnal animals are considered one of the smallest Middle Eastern hedgehogs. They use … Read more

Hedgehog teeth And The Need For Dental Care

hedgehog teeth

The question which arises here is do hedgehogs have teeth? Yes, but Oral hygiene is often neglected with almost all animals. Not only it is always ignore but it is out of sight too. So how many parents visit a vet regularly? So until a problem is identify we are left alone. Dental awareness and … Read more

The Best Hedgehog Toys 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

the best hedgehog toys

Discovering the best hedgehog toys can be slightly tricky. Though, pet hedgehogs are receiving more and more popularity with the passage of time. Still, they are considered rare. So, this shows that you hardly have the chance to select from a series of hedgehog toys that are manufacture firmly with hedgehogs in mind. Furthermore, you … Read more

Best Hedgehog Wheel-Buying Guide Before Purchasing A Free-Standing And Assembled hedgehog wheel?

Best hedgehog wheel

Have you observed that your hedgehog is not as active or happy as you would like it to be? If your answer is yes, the hedgehog requires more exercise. Many newcomers are unaware that the best hedgehog wheel can improve their health and happiness. Hedgehogs benefit from physical activity and are less likely to become … Read more

The Hedgehog Lifecycle: Understanding How They Live

Hedgehog Lifecycle

Now Hedgehogs are considered the smallest pet among all pets. They can be found on farms, in backyards, and even on college campuses. The most asked questions the people asked about hedgehogs are the life span and the hedgehog lifecycle. And the answer completely depends on what species of the hedgehog is you have. A … Read more

Pygmy Hedgehog Setup- Essential Items African Pygmy Hedgehogs Need in Their Home

Pygmy Hedgehog Setup

Pygmy hedgehogs are petite and cute creatures gaining popularity as a pet in the USA. They make your great companion because of their quiet, active, and entertaining nature. However, these delicate pets need proper care, effort, and a safe environment to spend happy and healthy time with you. A great pygmy hedgehog setup is extremely … Read more