How Fast Are Hedgehogs? Important facts To Know

How fast are hedgehogs – Important facts to know

Hedgehogs can sprint quickly, although not as quickly as they are shown in various games, which may be important to know if you’re interested in wild hedgehogs or afraid about your pet hog escaping. It is unclear why hedgehogs start running in the first place since they can only travel at rates up to 4mph, … Read more

How Does a Hedgehog Give Birth ? Do Hedgehogs Lay Eggs

How Does a Hedgehog Give Birth

Hedgehogs have become very special to a lot of people just because of their beauty and cute appearance. Many people have selected to keep them as a pet. And few of them have very little knowledge about hedgehogs. So, it is very essential to gain knowledge about pets before adopting them. Along with having some … Read more

What Vegetables Do Hedgehogs Eat?

What Vegetables Do Hedgehogs Eat?

In actuality, hedgehogs like to eat. As they use up most of their time every night only searching for food in the wild. Yet, all food is not equal. In Fact, most of the food sources are quite different from others. And, there are some food products completely unsuitable for hedgehogs. Therefore, we will take … Read more

Hedgehog Vs Porcupine: 10 Main Differences

Hedgehog vs Porcupine

Have you ever seen the hedgehog and porcupine? These two species are look alike. Some people think that hedgehogs and porcupines belong to the Mammalia class, so they are also the same species. But it is not true. Both hedgehogs and porcupines are different from each other in every aspect. Both species have different classifications. … Read more

Top 5 Best Hedgehog Cages 2022

Top 5 Hedgehog Cages 2021

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a living space for your hedgehog. Whether you’re already a proud hedgehog parent or considering a hedgehog. you’ve probably come to the conclusion that your hedgehog needs a safe comfortable environment.  Hedgehogs have only recently become pets, so there is still so much we need to learn … Read more