Are Hedgehogs Dangerous Pets? Exploring the Truth

Are Hedgehogs Dangerous

Hedgehogs are captivating animals that win people over with their endearing looks and distinctive habits. However, concern is frequently raised about whether Are hedgehogs dangerous especially from the perspective of how they may interact with people and other animals. Hedgehogs are typically not seen as dangerous to humans. They are little, afraid animals when challenged, … Read more

Do hedgehogs smell bad? Causes and Solutions

Do Hedgehogs Smell Bad

With so many new individuals interested in having a hedgehog, there are certain to be a lot of questions. “Do hedgehogs smell bad?”  Even though hedgehogs are adorable, you don’t want a small animal in your home that may cause odors. The strange thing is that, for a very straightforward topic, a lot of false … Read more

How To Trim Hedgehog Nails? A step-by-step Guide

How To Trim Hedgehog Nails

In this article, we will explain how to trim hedgehog nails. All you need is a little practice, patience, and the appropriate instruments and technique. We’ll take you step-by-step through this procedure so you may become a more confident hedgehog nail cutter. It can be challenging to trim nails, particularly when a hedgehog isn’t cooperating. … Read more

Can Hedgehogs Swim? All You Need to Know!

Can Hedgehogs Swim

Despite their growing popularity and excellent pet status, many hedgehog owners need to be aware of their swimming ability. On the other hand their diminutive size, these animals are covered in sharp air-filled quills. If they fall into the water, this helps them float.  Therefore, the answer is generally yes! The majority of hedgehogs can … Read more