Updated list of Hedgehog Supplies they can’t survive without

Finding the right and best Hedgehog supplies is not an easy task. But we are at your service to provide all the necessary supplies to you in one place. Many previous users already bought these items to make their hedgehog happy & comfortable.

We’re providing you the updated list that no one has to blame on it.

But it is necessary to find more about the exact needs and necessities of the hedgehog that is matters when you buy your hedgehog. As you read the mentioned supplies, you will become more aware of them.

Following supplies will elaborate more about your cute and tiny pet hedgehog:

1.Hedgehog Cage:

Out of all hedgehog supplies, this is the most important supply that every hedgehog needs. A solid hedgehog cage is a primary home for the tiny mammal. So, you should be careful while choosing the best cage.

Acrylic and Plastic made strong cage is World Deluxe that provides your hedgehog save living with comfort. Also, a small cage is attached with the upper wire that is providing a well-ventilated place for tiny animals.

Includes a balcony with the ramp walk access, food bowl, water box, animal hideout, and hay guard which protects your hedgehog.

The plastic clips provide more facility to easily clean out the hedgehog cage and make it new. It will never cut or pinch safe & sound, admirable, and best in use.

Living World Deluxe Habitat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Small Animal Cage, Large

Aspects you have to know while choosing a cage:

The prior and main thing that every hedgehog holder demand is safety. There are many cages in the market which could collapse or pinch your animal at any moment. So, while buying it you should consider it.

The main reason behind choosing this hedgehog cage is safety and vast space. Enjoyment factors are also installed that make your hedgehog happy.

After that, it got 6,103 ratings on amazon with positive feedback and 5 out of 4.7-star ratings. This best reviewing cage will surely love by you.

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2.Best Bedding:

Another most important supply of any hedgehog is the best bedding. Comfortable bedding is really important because it directly impacts their quality lifestyle.

White, clean, and natural paper fiber-made Carefresh bedding is ideal and best for small pets. It is more absorbent and softest.

You can surely call it the best hedgehog bedding due to its dual absorbent ability. 2x more absorbent than other beddings. 99% dust-free ability makes it more demanding.

This ideal comfortable bedding for small pets has 20,902 global ratings. Therefore, you recognize it well.

carefresh 99% Dust Free White Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding with Odor Control, 50 L

Important Aspects:

Aspects you should consider while choosing to bed are more importantly hedgehog comfort. It is not good if bedding irritates the hedgehog.

Safe and soft bedding which we recommend is highly appreciated able.

Alert! DO NOT USE CEDAR bedding. This affects the hedgehog respiratory system.

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3.Well-Grounded Wheel:

Obviously, a well-grounded wheel is an important supply that hedgehog need. A reliable hedgehog wheel is a demanding supply. It fulfills your hedgehog with happiness and joy.

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner:

As it comes to wheel the safety of the hedgehog is the priority of the customer. This exotic nutrition hedgehog wheel is safe & secure due to its axle-free center wire.

Innovative spin is silent therefore, people loved it except those who created friction and noise. With its dual ball, it spins silently. Also, it can easily cleanout.

You can surely say that it’s an ideal wheel for tiny animals. Cage attachment in its installation also added beauty to it. On Amazon, it is easily available to you with a 5 out of 4.5 ratings with the best top reviewing.

Exotic Nutrition Starter Package for Hedgehogs - Includes Exercise Wheel, Healthy Food, Natural Treat, Multi-Vitamin & Hideout

Important Aspects:

Why this spin wheel is an important supply for a hedgehog? This question may arise in your mind. The wheel is necessary for their exercise as a human need. It brings joy during the night when the hedgehog feels nothing to do.

Many important aspects are rising while choosing a wheel but most importantly safety and silent features are most demanding in the wheel so, you should consider it first.

So, as you know everyone wants to make a safe investment, therefore, we recommend the best which fulfills you are all requirements and need. Go and check you will love it.

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4.Quality heating pads:

Hedgehog heating pad is the most important supply when you looked at his safety. A quality-made best heating pad is required.

K&H Heated Pad:

The top Amazon choice with the best ratings of 4.6 stars is the heating pad by K&H pet products. Either you can use it indoors or outdoors.

You can use it with only 25 watts that mean low consumption of power. Excellent hedgehog heating pad.

This pad has been professionally tested in our labs so, we recommend you with 100% surety.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

Important Aspects:

Keep your hedgehog healthy is the most important aspect, to do this you should have to maintain the temperature. To maintain your pet’s temperature you have to buy a perfect heating pad.

Hibernation is the factor that the owner should worry about it can be a control heating pad. We’ve to compare many pads to find the best one for you.

If you don’t want to face issues regarding overheating and another serious issue checkout the recommended one more importantly.

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5.Toys for fun:

Some important and main supplies of hedgehogs must include soft enjoyment toys. Toys! Are become more important due to these tiny animals have to live most of their time in cages.

JanYoo Chinchilla cage toys:

Adorable and soft toy in high quality fulfills the hedgehog’s supply. Soft hedgehog toys make hedgehog happy. These soft toys are suitable for small-size hedgehogs.

Also, these cage toys available in different sizes your pet feels comfortable while sitting in them. Warm plush toys prove helpful in hedgehog sleep & hide.

The velvet material looks too beautiful and soft to touch. It’s a durable, non-slippage bottom, and precious tool to make your per happier.

JanYoo Ferret Chinchilla Cage Toys Accessories House Bed Hideout Removable Cushion

Important Aspects:

More you bring toy they are easy and safe to play with it. You don’t have to overreact to it for a healthy hedgehog you have to provide this supply.

The main reason behind recommended this soft toy is that it is specially designed for cages. Also, it is available in different colors whatever you want.

If it comes to ratings this is the top-rated & top pick Amazon by 4,163 ratings.

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As upward we discussed the heat pads as essential supplies because we have to maintain the hedgehog temperature. Therefore, it’s so obvious to measure the heat & temperature to maintain it. You need to buy the best hedgehog thermometer to measure.

REPTI ZOO Thermometer:

An accurate and quick measuring tool is here to check all tiny animal’s temperatures like a hedgehog. Digital display with LED screen is so easy to make sure the readings.

Also, it is so easy to install. Additionally, there are two batteries in it which worked for more than one year. A one-year guarantee allows you for a secure purchase.

Any remaining questions will be answered within 24 hours in dealing site Amazon.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Terrarium Thermometer Hygrometer Digital Display Pet Rearing Box Reptiles Tank Thermometer Hygrometer with Suction Cup

Important Aspects:

The product we recommend you is highly qualified at a minor price that means ranking positive points. Most buyers looking for an accuracy feature in a thermometer that is prominently available.

You can visit and check this top pick of (Amazon) the World’s leading store. 2,299 ratings are given with positive customer reviews.

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Hedgehog hideouts are the one of the important supply that a hedgehog demand for sleep & comfort. A lot of benefits can be got by this item. A hedgehog can play or sleep in it.

Niteangel Corner Fleece:

These professional hideouts provide more places for hiding your pet. This is made up of durable and premium material. Three metal looks allow you to pin the hideout in the corner of the cage.

All positive responses from the previous customers guide you more about the hideout.

Niteangel Fleece Forest Corner Curtain Hideout Fun Hiding Spot for Ferrets Chinchillas Hedgehogs Dwarf Rabbits Guinea Pigs Syrian Hamster Rats (Gray)

Important Aspects:

A basic and important reason behind selecting a hideout is releasing the stress of your hedgehog regularly. Just like humans, we need some time for ourselves to relax down and change our minds. Hedgehog also demands the same thing.

With over-stress out, the lifespan of hedgehogs may be affected. As upward we recommend the top pick have to look and go buy.

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When it comes to food high quality and the best food is essential for a hedgehog. So, it’s so obvious to choose such food that doesn’t harm your pets and make them healthier. More attention is required while selecting hedgehog food.

All-in-One Pellet Diet:

It includes a high protein mixture of poultry, mealworms, and seafood. Therefore, not only hedgehog-like it, but also this food impacts positively on their health.

No sugar and molasses were added to it. The uniform pellets in it help to prevent hedgehogs from selective breeding. Also added a lot of benefits like its crunchy texture improves the hedgehog dental health.

It is full of energy with vitamins A, D, & E.

Sunseed Vita Prima Wholesome Nutrition Hedgehog Food All-In-One Pellet Diet, 25 oz (packaging may vary)

Important Aspects:

Most important aspects you have to look at, Is that food available at a reasonable price? Is there any hidden material that affects hedgehog health? Is it suitable while breeding? These all problems have a solution in our recommended product.

This food is a top pick and most purchasing food item with a lot of benefits. Its branding company’s name designed so perfectly All-in-one that means all food needs to be fulfilled by this.

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9.Huge playpen:

All pets always want to spend some of their time out of the cage. No matter how long they lived in a cage? At a time they want open air. This important need can be fulfilled by a huge and wide playpen.

Amakunft Small Animals Playpen:

Surrounded by transparent and breathable net walls, you can see your pet. This hedgehog playpen automatically opened in seconds.

Indoor and outdoor facilities are available. You can take this in the open air for your pet’s exercise. Size is beautifully designed that is enough wide for freedom. Material is durable and longevity in use.

Small Animals C&C Cage Tent, Breathable & Transparent Pet Playpen Pop Open Outdoor/Indoor Exercise Fence, Portable Yard Fence for Guinea Pig, Rabbits, Hamster, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs

Important Aspects:

The playpen must have a wide area to place small toys for the hedgehog and free space to play. That is so nice to see your pet playing and enjoy the freedom.

While choosing a playpen isn’t a complicated task you just have to look at your pet’s comfort, wide area, good material, and ease to use. Our suggested playpen is the best toy for you other sites are offering the same product with no prominent difference. 18,716 ratings allow you to go and checkout.

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10. Bowls for Food & Water:

Another and essential supply which you can’t go without is a food & water bowl. A hedgehog never needs a pot to conveniently eat & drink. So, to fulfill this condition, a bowl is necessary.

Kaytee Stoneware Hamster Bowl:

Perfect size bowl for a hedgehog with simple and tip-resistant. This hedgehog bowl is easy to clean & remove. You can use both bowls for food and water.

Stoneware material makes it more durable. Lighten weight is easy to carry.

Kaytee Stoneware Hamster Bowl, 3-Inch (2 Pack)

Important Aspects:

Aspects that you should consider in the bowl are its simplicity and cleanness. Find the bowl in which no chemical and harsh material used this may toxic to your hedgehog.

You have to choose a high-quality tool with more lifetime use. The product which we recommend gets 4.7 out of 5 stars with the best customer reviewing.

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11.   Cleaning Wipes:

One of the prominent supplies is hedgehog cleaning wipes. These wipes are so important and new owners may be unaware of them.

Nature’s Miracle Scrubbing Wipes:

Cleaning wipes are very useful just like human babies, small animals also need them. Stubborn can be easily removed by these extra thick wipes. Tough cage odors are eliminated by plant-derived enzymatic odor.

Conveniently, available in range with the bestselling formula. Trust that miracle, when you got the solution for a clean, happy, and healthy home & pet.

Nature's Miracle 60 Count Small Animal Cage Scrubbing Wipes

Important Aspects:

Find a solution to make your hedgehog healthy and clean, is only these cleaning wipes. It’s the owner’s main responsibility to provide a clean atmosphere to his pet.

Everything a hedgehog use like its toys, cage, pads, and wheels, etc. all should be cleanout by the owner. Don’t stock with Lysol, this proves toxic to your pet.

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12. Litter Kit:

A litter kit makes it easier to find the solution easily. Also, this litter box will make your hedgehog happy. This may underrated supply but a training source for your pet.

Ware Manufacturing Critter Litter:

This hedgehog litter kit is everything you need to potty train for your small pet. This includes litter sample, potty training guide, and litter scope.

It will lock to the cage to eliminate the overturned pans. Made up of odor-resistant plastic and durable stain. Just like dogs they need separate space, hedgie with litter feels comfortable, and also we can clean it with little effort.

Ware Manufacturing Critter Litter Small Pet Training Kit with Handy Guide

Important Aspects:

Why it is important? This question may occur in your mind the answer is it helps to easily clean and access. Any toxic and suspected material shouldn’t accept.

Go and see our top pick litter box proves beneficial for your hedgehog.

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13. Clippers for nails:

Nails of hedgehogs grow very rapidly. Many hedgies aren’t in a situation where they can naturally down their nails in any activity.

Frjjthchy Pet Hamster Hedgehog Nail Clipper:

Especially it is made for a hedgehog with carbonic steel material and zinc alloy. This nail clipper is designed for small pets. You can also use it for other pets.

With a sharp blade, you can cut quickly and precisely. It won’t hurt your hedgehog.

Frjjthchy Pet Hamster Hedgehog Nail Clipper Trimmer Small Animal Toenail Clippers with Magnifier (Random Color)

Important Aspects:

To make your pet clean this clipper is required. Nothing special and important while selecting a slipper, any standard quality clipper will run so long with careful use.

Our recommended tool is in perfect size with the normal price which does not put a burden on your pocket.

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14. Treats:

One of the other hedgehog supplies is treated that’s plenty you won’t. More importantly, this hedgehog treat is only providing for the source of hedgehog enjoyment & fun also intake their nutrition.

Sunseed Company-Vita Prima Hedgehog Treat:

Mix fun trail treats including delicious mealworms and Berries. This treatment encourages the foraging instinct with the help of high protein.

Sunseed is the best treat-making company, Customers share the best reviews at Amazon go and grab yours.

Sunseed Company-Vita Prima Hedgehog Treat-Wigglers & Berries 5 Ounce

Important Aspects:

Great relationship and bond between the owner & hedgie established with this a lot of fun. You also enjoyed it a lot. Feeding hedgie is a very cute moment to see that cute tiny pet little chomps.

There is a lot of treats available in the market with different price ranges. Fortunately, the Sunseed overcome your all expectations and needs. We’ve also explained to you all habitation and need about more reviewing article just have a look on these.

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15. Bath Supplies:

Bath supplies are one of the most important products to make your hedgehog fresh, clean, and healthy. Some owners forget to fulfill hedgehog bath conditions.

KnocKconK Foldable Hedgehog bath supplies:

This set including a washing tub with 2piece washing brushes and other small washing playing tools. Whether your hedgehog feels good with these tools.

High quality and temperature resistance tools make this set demanding and popular. PP & TPR is so durable material. It gives your pet fun during bathe.

KnocKconK Foldable Hedgehog Bathtub, with 2-Piece Set Bathing Brush, Plastic Small Animal Swimming Pool, Bath Sand Room Sauna, for Hedgehog Hamster, Guinea Pig, Blue, Pink

Important Aspects:

Important aspects behind choosing this company are safe and avoid harm factors. The standard shampoo will hurt your hedgie keep them away from these tools.

You just have to use natural & gentle products on your little, tiny pet. With KnocKconK your hedgie feels comfortable during bath.

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As you know we always get the best and leading brands for you which do not put a burden on your pocket.

Acquisition of Other Products:

Listed 15 supplies are not everything that you will need but these are essential, without your hedgie can’t survive. You may need some other little equipment with the time otherwise our design is best for you.

As I told you with time you will know about some natural products which you won’t need in the initial stage. You have to spend time with your pet and try to understand what they need more except essentials.

No one is perfectly trained to take care of hedgie from day first. It needs effort, time, and the ability to learn and adopt new things for your pet. Therefore, a stage comes when you are professionally trained.

You become emotionally attached to your pet & enjoy spending most of your time with them. Also, you want to discover more about your pet’s happiness. Just you are responsible to improve the situation for hedgie and provide the best quality of life.

Acquisition of Other Products

Finding the essential & best supplies for you is not an easy task. We have to take care of hedgie in our lab and find that all supplies that a hedgehog demands per time. To fulfill it we tested many products one by one with their durability and functionality. At last, after finding the best ones with personal experience now we have become able to describe you all.

And we never blame them once! But finding the best means getting your trust & attention therefore, you would able to know all necessities of your hedgehog.


Now you’re well aware of the most important & essential supplies for hedgie. The only need is to take care and spend time regularly with your pet. Also, you can buy more instruments for your pet but that we recommended that all are essentials. Try to improve your minor mistakes with complete study. Adopt all safety precautions which we focused on.

Surely! You’re ready to take care of hedgie with the best knowledge. Hope so all queries which you had before visiting us now clear in your mind with the best solution.