Best Heat Lamps for Hedgehogs in 2024- Keep Your Hedgehog Warm

It’s something that the majority of owners realize they have to do to keep their hedgehog warm with a heat lamp for a hedgehog. You also know that it should be a necessity to have a heating lamp before you bring your new pet home. What is the cost temperature range of a hedgehog? What system of heating is best? Do hedgehogs need heat lamps for a hedgehog? How to keep a hedgehog warm? These are just some of the issues you could be concerned about.

In this post, we will take you through the subject systematically and provide you answers to your query and further information and our favorite items of heating lamps for hedgehogs. You will learn everything about the different options and how to use it securely.

Top 6 Heat Lamps For Hedgehogs In 2024

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1. Simple Deluxe Reptile Heat Bulb and Digital Thermostat Controller Combo Set

It also includes a superb clamp which allows you to fasten it to different portions of the cage irrespective of how it appears. This hedgehog heater also includes a dark bulb so that your hedgehog will not interrupt the day’s slumber. Many owners like hedgehogs have heating lights since they are easy to manage and easy to manage over time. It is also easy to check whether your hedgie is working, or not.

The heat source is perfect for 24 hours. It doesn’t provide visually perceptible light or disturb the animals’ sleep. Multifunctional clamping light, scratch-resistant clamps coated with clamps would not leave scratches on your surfaces, and an aluminum mirror of 360 degrees and 8.5 pinches may concentrate on the light where you want.

Simple Deluxe PTCLAMCR150MCTRL 150W Reptile Heat Bulb & 150W Clamp Light with 8.5

Why did you choose this?

  • It is made with a vinyl sleeve that is scratch proof.
  • This powerful stainless steel clamp with adjustable joints
  • The heat lamp for hedgehog lamps contains a powerful switch, easy to use.
  • Ceramic heater waterproof design enables them to operate well in wet settings
  • A large circular emitter sends heat to the region where it is sunk.
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2. BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptile Ceramic Heat Lamp Brooder Coop Pet Ceramic Heat Lamp Bulb

The ceramic heat emitter hedgehog is a radiate heat source of up to 15,000 hours of genuine sun-like heat with a uniform pattern. This heat bulb of Reptiles does not interfere with the regular sleeping patterns of reptiles, cottages, and animals outside. It can be used every day. Heat enters the skin tissue and the scales, fostering health and healing for all forms of reptiles, amphibians, and birds with 99 percent high thermal effectiveness. Its ceramic material is created from high pure clay pottery which heats the wire more quickly with resistance to Ni-Cr-Alloy.

BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Emitter 60W Reptile Ceramic Heat Lamp Brooder Coop Pet Ceramic Heat Lamp Bulb

Why choose this one?

  • It is a fantastic warmer to warm up to sleep without any luminous light.
  • A safe heat lamp produces sunny infrared heat, which can enter the skin, maintain health, and aid the circulation of the blood.
  • In the cold winter, it provides your various pets with a warm and pleasant temperature.
  • It heat lamp for hedgehogs is created from high-quality, highly purified ceramic clay.
  • Do not influence the sleep cycle, ideal for heating 24 hours.
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3. Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp with One Digital Thermometer, Infrared Ceramic Heating Non-light Lamps Emitter

The small heat lamp for the hedgehog is the source of excellent heat for all reptiles, amphibians, birds, and one temperature controller. The non-light lamp will also not interrupt the animals’ mode of sleep because of its 99 percent high heat efficiency. The element of solid ceramics has a good thermal radiation property that operates.

The flat-faced form is more effective and durable than the excessive conical design. Many reptiles freeze to death as winter arrives so because cold weather is impossible. However, you may give nice and fuzzy surroundings for your pets if you are using the Zacro Reptile heat lamp, which does not disrupt the slumber of animals. The frigid weather can never worry you.

Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp 150W with One Digital Thermometer, Infrared Ceramic Heating Non-light Lamps Emitter 110V (Black)


Why choose this?

  • The heat source is perfect for 24 hours.
  • The thermal efficiency is 99% high.
  • Sleeping animals are never disturbed.
  • It’s small, it’s quite big.
  • It heat lamp for hedgehogs is suitable for most reptile varieties.
  • The design is sturdy and the material is high-grade.
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4. Reptile Heating Lamp, with Bracket UVA UVB Lighting Lamp with 360° Rotatable Clip and Power Adapter

It has a durable and reliable ceramic heat lamp for hedgehog sockets. Wait a few minutes to cool off the lamp before operation when you replace the lamp. The UVB output is high, equivalent to the natural surroundings of the desert. The sun is much more directly exposed in this environment and the UV radiation is ideal for desert reptiles.

The 360°, is simple to install and convenient rotating clip. The hedgehog light lamp holder comes in a range of lamps such as ceramic heaters, ultraviolet bulbs, halogens, and more. It is appropriate for hedgehogs, reptiles, amphibians, etc.

Reptile Heating Lamp, with Bracket UVA UVB Lighting Lamp with 360° Rotatable Clip and Power Adapter, Suitable for Lizard Turtle Turtle Snake Aquarium (Including 2 Bulb,E27,110V)

Why choose this one?

  • The iron clips are provided with a tremendous clamping force.
  • The clip lights are around 360°.
  • Hot lamp proper heating quantity for clay is provided.
  • It’s very good for hedgehogs and high quality.
  • It has a high-temperature and durable solid ceramic socket.
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5. Reptile Heat Lamp, Timing Heat Lamp, Clamp Lamp for Aquarium Adjustable Light and Temperature for Turtle Snake Aquarium

The enhanced seal and strengthen the clamp, so that the clamp does not loosen and slip. The programmers are rotatable and simpler to install. A Basking Lamp with 2 UVA UVB bulbs duplicates the sunlight to supply your pet with a daily UVA consumption and improves their metabolism, mood, and reproductive function. To set the basking time, you may set the time for 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours, you do not need to keep your tortoise from sun-burning.

Four levels are used to control light and temperature. It is the highest level whenever you turn on the switch. You can lower the brightness and the temperature by one level every time you push the “-” button, and hold press the “-” to achieve the brightest level. You can raise the light and temperature by a level each time you click on the “+” button and hold press the “+” to the highest level.

Simple Deluxe 150W Ceramic Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb and 8.5 Inch Reflector Clamp Light Combo for Amphibian Pet, Black

Why choose this one?

  • For hedgehog metabolism, mood modulation, and reproduction, it’s UV-A light.
  • UV-B radiation is crucial for producing vitamin D3 for good bone development and prevention of metabolism.
  • The heating lamp for the animals could be used for tortoises, the illumination of aquarium fish, etc. but works great for hedgehogs.
  • It’s E27 bulb compatible.
  • A black heat lamp is quite warm. It is really warm. The light can be dimmed, yet it still keeps it warm.
  • Its good and robust light is built and the trimmer is quite good.
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6. Simple Deluxe Ceramic Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb No Light Emitting Brooder Coop Heater & Digital Heat Mat

Easy infrared heat lamp for hedgehog LED lighting plug-in operation & three-prong floor plug. A digital thermostat pet heat lamp is also used to manage many other devices’ temperatures, provided they do not exceed the above-noted electrical requirements. Just position the sensors in the area that controls the temperature, connect the device to a thermostat, and set the appropriate temperature.

When “E1” is indicated by the thermostat, the actual temperature is less than 0° C or 32° C and 2. The actual temperature is more than 60° C or 108° F when the thermostat indicates “E2.” 3. If “E3” indicates the thermostat, it signifies it does not operate correctly.

Simple Deluxe 150W Ceramic Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb No Light Emitting Brooder Coop Heater & Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller Combo for Amphibian Pet & Incubating Chicken, Black

Why choose this one?

  • The digital thermostatic controls 40 ° F-108 ° F in temperatures.
  • The temperature or measuring unit can easily be changed.
  • Thanks to its practical LED heating and power indicator lights, you can even view the state of the controller in the dark.
  • It does not emit visually perceptible light or disturb the animals’ sleep.
  • It emits light without light while maintaining the original solid and warm ceramic.
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The Hedgehog heating method

Among the most crucial things you could do is to maintain your hedgehog warmer, you surely know if you possess one as your pet. This prevents them from wintering, which can be deadly. Since hedgehogs demand a warmer habitat, several owners concentrate on maintaining their cage size warm rather than room. We believe that you should seek a blend of the two.

However, your major focus should be warming your hedgehog’s cage. That’s where your hedgehog spends most of its time, so it has to be an appropriate temperature. They will also be there unaccompanied for a long time. You don’t need to go to bed because they are nocturnal as well as wake up to know they were cool all night long! It is also intelligent in our viewpoint to take care of your room temperature. While you shouldn’t blindly boost the heat for your hedgehog in your house, be aware of the environment.

How much are heat lamps for hedgehogs? Think about how it impacts your hedgehog if you try to keep your residence on the colder side. Perhaps you want to close the door to the room where their cage is located to prevent it from being cooler in other areas of the house. Several experienced owners utilize winter warmers as an additional safety layer. Their entire region is warm without your entire temperature being adjusted.

Hedgehog temperature range

Although certain sources may vary, the ideal temperature range for an African heat lamp for pygmy hedgehogs is widely acknowledged to range from 72 to 78°F (about 23 to 25°C). Nevertheless, certain hedgehogs show a significant predilection for the cooler or more heated end. Thus, heat lamps for hedgehog temperature guidelines may only be a guideline to some extent.

With a young hedgehog, the best thing is definitely to start with a mid-range temp – 76°F (24°C) and modify the temperature up or down by observing to locate the sweet place for your hog. Becoming warm enough to maintain your hedgehog, and rightfully so, is a matter of considerable attention. But you need to know that your hedgehog can heat too, and that this can potentially be fatal.

Anytime you provide heat under or in the dwelling area of the hedgehog, be aware of it and enable it to cool down a bit more if you are uncomfortable. Heating requirements will undoubtedly fluctuate all year round in most buildings and regions. If you have thermostats for your heating systems, all-natural temperature changes – day by night or season by season – are taken good care of. For sudden chilly spells, you will be covered too. Soon we’ll be discussing additional thermostats.

Humidity effect Hedgehog temperature

The quantity of vapor retained in the air at any particular time relates to humidity. The number that can be held until the saturated air is measured as a percentage. As mentioned before, the African Pygmy hedgehog is specialized for wet living, from 50% to 70%. This is not a particularly useful percentage, though, since moisture occurs related to air temperature. This indicates that hot air can carry far more water before it has been absorbed than cool air. And there’s no point in getting 60 percent moisture in a cooler room, and it’s wet enough for your hedgehog.

Even if the decreased temperature does not negatively affect it, water vapor in the air will just not be enough. Problems such as dry, itchy skin, and not your hedgehog! They require warmth and humidity for their comfort and wellness, thus it is best for 50-70 percent humidity in warm air between 72 and 78°F (about 23 to 25°C). In temperate areas, humidity is lower in the wintertime, and heating systems only make this worse. Surprisingly, higher humidity also has the impact of a few degrees hotter room temperature. You can exploit this to your benefit, as we shall see later.

Habitat effect on Hedgehog temperature

No heating system is ideal for every hedgehog owner and to a certain extent so because habitat is a huge difference in the gear you choose. It is simpler to maintain the internal temperature comfortably, even though the surrounding environment is colder if your hedgehog is held in an isolated plastic tub or terrarium.

Open-top wire boxes are common and provide much more floor area, but are more affected by ambient temperature and are cable carriers. Both for cage and room, heating procedures are often needed, as the air moves easily between the two. That stated, all hedgehogs should have time outside their enclosure, which means that during that portion of the day, the room where they are must be heated up to at least 72°F.

Hedgehog’s lamps need

To maintain health, hedgehogs need a steady temp. Insufficient warmth or heat might lead to hedging being inactive. For pet cage heater hedgehogs, that state may be harmful. However, is a heat lamp truly necessary to maintain the ambient temperature constant? In this article, we will find out where to maintain your hedgehog hot and if a heat lamp is the best alternative.

Temperature control is necessary for hedgehogs. Just one of the available possibilities is heat lights. Lamps offer much inferior performance than heated pads and area heaters. If you wish to maintain your hedgie safe and secure, you should explore the choices. In the heating system, the much more essential things to look at are the following.

  • No excessive ebbs and flows at a constant temperature
  • Low risk of burning pets
  • Reduced risk of burning pets
  • Environmental economics for your wallet

The pet heating lamp in the hedgehog cage can be used. It is merely that it could not be measured in perspective of safety and efficiency as compared with the options. For those who use a red or black bulb, if you persist in utilizing a warm lamp, the worst thing to do is to destroy the natural light cycles of hedgehogs. It’s not also the best choice to use them in plastic cages. It might be absolutely dangerous. Intense heat might readily begin to melt some kinds of plastic continuously. Plastic heat and drop is an unmistakable hazard to your hedgehog.

Frequently asked questions:

Are heat lamps for hedgehogs safe?

No, it doesn’t require heat lamps for hedgehogs but it needs proper temperature control. The cage should be kept in a temperature range of 73-78° F. This is why you might use heating or heating systems to ensure that your hedgehog accepts the cage atmosphere.

What kind of heat lamp for a hedgehog?

With a heat-emitting ceramic bulb that does not produce strong light with merely warming infrared, many hedgehogs have chosen to keep it warm.

How long can you leave a heat lamp on a hedgehog?

If you merely have a hot spot in your light bulb for hedgehog, and you have heat pads under a tank, ceramic heaters, hot rock, or the like, giving a warm overall temperature in the background.

What is the best way to keep a hedgehog warm?

The best approach to ensure a warm place for your hedgehog is to put a heating battery underneath or in your cage. The small hedgehog lamps are our suggested heating lamps.


It is important to ensure that your hedgehog is warm. The hedgehog temperature wants to be warm and cannot hibernate, especially wild hedgehogs from lower climates. Cold temperatures can result in hibernation, mortality, pneumonia, and other issues. Maintain your hedgehog cage heated so that your pet remains healthy! Consider incorporating Heat Lamps For the Hedgehog in your hedgehog cage to maintain an optimal temperature and ensure your pet remains healthy!