The Best Tips and Methods to Keep Hedgehogs Warm

Hedgehogs are diminutive creatures that make loving pets. Further, they are easygoing animals. Therefore, providing them with a warmer environment is important compared to humans. In this article, we will examine some tips and methods for keep hedgehogs warm.

However, having a hedgehog as a pet is fun. Hedgehogs from Africa can live in the United States Nothern Area. Further, they habitually bear cold temperatures in the Nothern area of America. But it can be challenging to keep them comfortable by creating a warm environment.

The most asked question is, do hedgehogs require heat pads or lamps? Simple, they demand temperature balancing. Heat lamps are the best solution. But many more alternatives can utilize for greater results than it.

Methods of Keep Hedgehogs Warm:

Keeping hedgehogs’ cage environment warm is one of the best methods to provide them warmer environment. Further, keeping the whole house warm is another method of producing a warm temperature to keep hedgehogs warm. But this method can prove costly.

But, if you can alter the temperature of your house from 70F to 82F. Then, it could be a wonderful method of keeping them warm. Further, many more alternatives can utilize that are inexpensive and easy to do.

Best Heating Elements for Keep Hedgehogs Warm:

Hedgehogs want homogeneous temperatures and humidity greater than humans. Therefore, you have to create a warm environment for them. You can use different heating elements for providing their required environment. However, there are the following basic heating elements for keep hedgehogs warm:

  • Thermostat
  • Heating pads
  • Thick blankets
  • Hot water bottles
  • Heating lamps
  • Ceramic Emitters
  • Fireplace

●  Thermostat:

The ideal temperature of hedgehogs is greater than our body requirements. But, not everyone can afford to provide an environment according to their requirements. In summer, anybody can not get advantages from air conditioners.

And in winter, it is expensive to use electricity and fuel. Therefore, you can increase your thermostat from 72F to 79F to provide a comfortable environment for your hedgehogs. Moreover, you can provide a temperature as close as possible to it.

●  Hedgehog Heating Pad:

The Best Tips & Methods of Keep Hedgehogs Warm

A hedgehog heating pad is one of the great methods to keep hedgehogs warm and comfortable. And while using these pads, you do not need to increase your house temperature. Therefore, it would be a great method.

Further, such pads are available in many brands. So, you can choose according to your interest. We guide you to choose reptile heating pads because they do not get dirty and are waterproof. In contrast, the Thanksgiving pad is not expensive and very easy to use. Further, if you do not increase their heat, then they would be safe. But one drawback about these pads is that you do not know their exact temperature, and these are not adaptable.

●  Thick Blankets:

Almost every year, bad weather like, ice storms, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and many more come to the United States. And these bad weathers can cause danger for hedgehogs. Therefore, in that case, we suggest you use thick blankets. The thick blankets are helpful to cover the cage to keep the hedgehogs’ environment warm and comfortable.

●  Hot Water Bottles:

You can use hot water bottles to provide a warm temperature to your hedgehogs. Further, you can use your stove to heat the water bottles. After heating, place it in the water bottles near the hedgehog to provide a warm effect. When they get cool, then replace them with the hot ones. And most importantly, this is the cheapest method of all.

●  Hedgehog Heating Lamp:

A hedgehog heating lamp is another great method of providing high temperatures to hedgehogs. And this is the best way. In this method, you do not need to increase your home temperature. This method provides a habitat similar to their natural one, and heat and light.

Therefore, most people like this method as compared to the Heating pads. Further, it is easy to maintain a temperature with heating lamps. But they do not last for a long time as compared to heating pads. And it might prove the reason for creating fire. It can prove risky.

●  Ceramic Emitters:

This method is quite similar to the heating lamp. But it can not use to produce light. Therefore, at night, it can use to maintain temperature. And this utilizes as same as a heating lamp. Further, you can switch on and off it by linking them with the timer. And when you are not around them, it will switch off automatically.

●  Fireplace:

If your house has a fireplace, you can easily provide them with their habitual environment. When you start a fire, bring your hedgehog near it. In this method, a pellet or wood burner can also prove beneficial. Moreover, many people have an oven that requires no electricity connection. So you can also use it, but you should keep the door closed so that poisonous gases will not enter the room.

Precautions While Choosing a Heat Sources for Hedgehogs:

Choose a heating element by considering your pet cage type. Never choose any heating element if your pet’s cage is made of plastic. Because it will melt the cage when you provide a warm environment with them. Further, an overhead heat element may prove good for such cages.

Similarly, if there are children or some other pets in your home, there is a chance that they will touch the overhead heat element. So, the best option is a heating pad.

Final words:

Hedgehogs usually survive in warm environments and have greater humidity than humans. However,  we should fulfill our responsibilities if we bring them as pets. Having hedgehogs as a pet can be fun if you provide them with a suitable environment. However, heat lamps are one of the great methods that benefit them. And most importantly, choose heating elements according to the cage type you use.

Many other alternative options can consider to keep hedgehogs warm. In short, you are responsible for keeping hedgehogs comfortable and providing a warm environment.