Angry Hedgehog? What you need to know about their Anger!

Handling house pets is a difficult task because each has its mood. So, for a pet owner, it is essential to be careful while treating or handling them. However, are you looking at how to calm down an angry hedgehog? Then, you reached a perfect page. Because, in this article, you will get information about the reasons for hedgehog aggression and tips to control it.

Reasons Behind Hedgehog Angry:

Hedgehogs are little attractive creatures and many people like to adopt them as a pet. But a pet’s temper is one of the things that makes every pet owner worry. Further, Hedgehogs can prove good animals or pets if you handle them with care.

Moreover, there are the following main reasons for a hedgehog angry. However, one of the reasons includes its personality. Many hedgehogs do not like other animals. So, when you are trying to approach others and ignore them, they might get curious.

While few hedgehogs are trained in such a way that they will prefer their owner’s choice. Not only a hedgehog, but almost every pet animals take a little time to make a strong connection with you. So, be patient and treat them very well.

However, almost each pet owner must have to give time to their pets during multiple activities. Further, if a hedgehog is in a bad mood for most of the time. Then, it might prove difficult to spend a lot of time with it. So, first, you have to make them feel safe and good with you. So, they get attached to you and enjoy spending time with you.

Understanding Hedgehog Aggression:

Hedgehogs are not violent toward people. However, they do not like social interactions and they like to be lonely. In addition, they will make a muck of irrespective to attack or bite if anyone tries to get closer to them.

Further, hedgehogs’ aggression can cause by some situations. So, it is necessary to notice and analyze the causes that make a hedgehog angry. In addition, there are the following key points that every pet owner must understand:

●     Fear and stress:

The main reason behind a hedgehog angry is when they feel stressed, uncomfortable, and scared. So, in this situation, they may show some hissing and popping behavior’s to protect themselves.

●     Hormonal Changes:

Mostly male hedgehogs get furious and aggressive while the breeding time. And this is because of hormonal discharge or fluctuations.

●     Environmental Factors:

Hedgehogs are very sensitive among many pet animals. Further, a few things such as disruptive surroundings, loud noises, or sudden movements may cause aggression and anger. So, they start showing a defensive attitude.

●     Natural Instincts:

Hedgehogs are unique little creatures that have a strong instinct to protect themselves. In addition, when they feel unsafe, they change their attitude to aggression.

●     Protective Parenting:

Sometimes, female hedgehogs feel that their young babies are not safe. Therefore, they might manifest aggression. Further, this attitude may see while the nursing season.

How will you know if a hedgehog angry?

A hissing hedgehog is somehow similar to a hissing snake. Therefore, keep your distance from a hissing Hedgehog Angry. In short, when a hedgehog start hissing, it might mean that he is too much annoyed and wants other, probably you, to cut off.

Why do hedgehogs look bad-tempered?

Often hedgehogs do not feel comfortable and good. Therefore, they become bad-tempered. So, you have to note the causes that make his mood not good. Further, if you want him to act like normal so the one thing you can do is change their meals. As well as you can change your drinking habits to feel good.

Do hedgehogs bite hurt?

Hedgehogs have small teeth that help them to crunch their meals or insects. In short, they do not have sharp or large teeth that can cause pain. Further, the hedgehog’s bite does not provide good feelings. Moreover, their bites also do not cause exclusive pain.

Do hedgehogs ever become friendly?

Hedgehogs mostly like to spend a lot of time with themselves. Further, they do not make connections with human beings so easily. So, it takes time to make a strong link with them. In addition, if you spend a lot of time and handle the hedgehog at a young stage. Then it might get closer to you and become friendly with you.

Signs of Hedgehog Anger:

It is essential to understand that typically hedgehogs are docile and shy pets. Further, their aggression or bad-tempered might be the result of feeling not safe. So, it is important to treat them with proper attention and care. In addition, there are the following signs that show the anger of hedgehogs:

1.    Raised Quills:

Whenever hedgehogs feel unsafe, they raised their quills to make themselves show as threatened. Further, if anyone shows them insecurity, they do so.

2.    Puffing Up of Spines:

Sometimes hedgehogs puff up their spines when they get scared and uncomfortable. So to protect themselves they puff up their spines. However, this can make them secure from any threat around them.

3.    Agitated Movement:

If hedgehogs are angry, then they may show jerky or rapid movements. Further, they may cause this when engaging in popping sounds. And this is an extra sign of their aggression.

4.    Hissing:

When hedgehogs feel threatened or uncomfortable, they produce a hissing sound. In short, this sound uses to alert predators to stay away from them.

5.    Biting:

If hedgehogs are in an extreme level of aggression, then they may haunt to biting. Moreover, they may bite the things around them to show their aggression and make them secure from threats.

Methods to Calm an Angry or Grumpy Hedgehog:

If your hedgehogs have a grumpy or angry mood, then you have to search the ways that help to calm it down. However, if you are trying to cuddle with your grumpy hedgehog, there will be a chance that it might harm you. So, first, make it feel comfortable and secure before getting closer to him.

First, you have to let your hedgehog be addicted to your smell. However, hedgehogs usually use smell to recognize or identify their owners because they do not have good eyesight. In short, if your hedgehog does not identify your smell, then it may become Hedgehog Angry toward you when you try to get closer to him. So, use the same or one brand of hand wash. And most importantly, never use high-scented soaps while washing hands before treating a Hedgehog Angry.

Second, avoid sudden movements when you are handling your Hedgehog Angry. In short, do not pick a hedgehog suddenly and place it in another position, if he is grumpy or Hedgehog Angry. Because this may make him worse toward you. Further, for a short time, you can leave him alone and pick it up calmly.

Third, Hedgehog Angry do not like human beings. So, it can prove a difficult task to make a strong and cool connection with your hedgehog. Oftentimes, a hedgehog may act as angry or grumpy, so, you have to spend a lot of time with them. Moreover, if you give great quality and a lot of time to your hedgehog, then it begins to connect with you. Further, after a period, it will get attached to you and become less Hedgehog Angry or grumpy.

Final Words:

Hedgehogs are amazing creatures but their anger is something threatening for the owners. Hedgehogs do not like human beings. So, it is a difficult task to make them closer to ourselves. Moreover, sometimes hedgehogs can show their aggression. And you can calm it down by the methods discussed in this article. Further, if you notice every single detail about your hedgehog, then it will take not a longer period to make him closer to you.