The 8 best Hedgehog Carrier Bags of 2023

Do you find it difficult to move a hedgehog from one place to another? If yes then your worries are over. Yes we agree that carrying a cat or dog in a carrier and taking them on a vacation or a road trip is very easy and trouble-free.  But have you ever thought of a hedgehog whose cages are not so easy to carry and very difficult to pack in the car? 

Fortunately there are specifically designed carriers for animals such as hedgehog that require extra care while riding in a family car. If you are thinking of buying a carrier for hedgehog then you must look for its necessary features. Choosing the best hedgehog carrier bag is something that hedgehog owners struggle with. This may sound strange at first but there is a good reason.

How do you choose the right carrier bag when cosmetics are the only obvious difference? How do you recognize which is safer and stronger? That’s why we are here to assist you.  In this guide we are going to review the 8 best hedgehog carriers to help you make the perfect choice. 

8 best hedgehog carrier bags:

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1: Portable small hedgehog carrier bag by KAMEIOU:

We like this hedgehog for many reasons. First of all, it is our favorite because of aesthetic appeal and design. It’s really with this beautiful critic who is inside. Although it’s very beautiful bag but when it comes to quality it also packs a punch.  

Long lasting stitching and waterproof oxford fabric gives it a nice frame. When you pick it up, you will be amazed at how strong it feels. The bag comes with a removable strap that hangs over the shoulder without shaking. 

The zipper is also great. Beside from being reliable and strong, its occurrence is at very suitable place. Unlike few of the bag’s carrier style a zipper on it will never go out of place (Especially when you keep it down).

The handle is extremely easy and comfortable to carry. You can bring your hedgehog with you for longer time and never get tired of holding them. 

KAMEIOU also provides support with this carrying bag which is great. For any reason if you do not agree with this then they also provide a 30 day money back guarantee offer. 

Its special features include the following:

  • Separate strap design
  • Waterproof oxford fabric
  • Large and wide carrying space
  • Beautiful design
  • Soft fabric
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2: Small carrier bags for hedgehog by ASOCEA:

This is very unique and distinctive hedgehog carrying bag. Many other reviewers usually do not talk about this one but later it becomes clear that it is one of the best hedgehog bag. It’s a beautiful looking and stunning hedgehog carrying bag and it’s also clear that the manufacturers have spent lot of effort for correcting the design.  It is something you can take along with you and can check how it looks like apart from being practical for hedgehog.

The model and material of this hedgehog carry bag   is outstanding. The material is soft and smooth. They are strong and sturdy but able to breathe which is something that is difficult to detect. Neat and clean window in it permit you and your hedgehog see each other clearly.  If you have to keep them in a small bag, it can also add some enrichment to them. 

Padding can also be easily washed from the inside. This may be our dearest and special feature about this bag. You are finally cleaning your hedgehog carrier bag and ASOCEA made a tip about making sure that it is very easy and possible. 

It is also high quality material that makes your hedgehog so safe and comfortable.  Cold mat and cotton winter mat are also available with this bag. This gives you the potential to put forward a safe and healthy environment regardless of the temperature outside.  Any kind of animal cannot chew it easily because it is durable and compatible. This little carrier bag is adorable and very useful. 

Its special features include the following;

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3: Hedgehog travel bag by YOSOO

This is one of the famous hedgie bags by YOSOO. It looks lovely and it has a great and wide breathing area for proper reach of light and air to your hedgehog. It is very solid and long lasting.

The outside layer of the bag is very velvety and silky which makes it very comfortable and you can also hold and carry it easily. Little strap in it is very string and you can rely on it.  Hedgehog can only get injured when the strap is broken.

Inside of this carrier is very nice and soft that’s why we liked it. It will not hurt your hedgehog when your hedgehog is inside as it is soft and comfortable.  It feels like that it is made up of very thick and well prepared material so you can trust on it easily that it will keep your pet warm. We like it’s well made zipper which is very helpful.  You will not feel that your pet can run away at any moment.  

One interesting thing about this hedgehog is that you have so many beautiful colors to choose from. We even have knowledge about to hedgehog owners who have this bag in so many colors so that they can change it. 

This bag is designed in a round shape and it is very soft from inside. Air mesh hole in it is large and allows your hedgehog to breathe easily.  It also provides visibility to hedgehogs.  One of the best feature include that it is available in many size. You can pick according to the size of your hedgehog. It is very easy to clean when a pet makes a little poop. 

Its special features include the following:

  • Round shape design
  • Various size options
  • Moveable and versatile strap
  • Wide air mesh hole
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4: Portable pet carrier bag by DEPOT:

This career has a very similar design to our list like the Yosoo bag. At very first glance, you will surely think   that both are bags by the same company.  You cannot figure them out at first glance.  The great thing about this DEPOT bag is that they put a lot of time and energy into making sure that the carrier is strong and secure.  The main problem with poor quality carrier is not that you have to buy another one, but it is the fact that it can hurt your hedgehog.

The upgraded zipper in this bag can withstand the test of time.  You can say it’s sustainable and durable when you get hands on it. It also has a good bound layer that prevents the bag from breaking and falling apart and also helps to keep the insulation everywhere for your hedgehog. The little window is made of plastic and is sturdy enough. 

The inside of the carrier is pleasant and enjoyable and it keeps your little pet happy and active. The mesh area which is breathable is also something we love. The plastic used in it is very strong so it can withstand with nibbles. They also have good size options that will allow you to get the best fit for your hedgehog. We recommend you to get the large size of carrier bag because the dimension of large bag fits perfectly in an adult hedgehog. 

Its special features include the following:

  • It is long lasting and resistant.
  • Bound lining prevents it from falling.
  • Shoulder straps (diagonal and single).
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5: Small travel carrier bag for hedgehogs and other small pets by KAMEIOU: 

These solid and strong hedgehog carrier bag posses amazing feature. The fabric is breathable and   will keep your hedgehog comfortable inside. 

The design of this carrier is quite peculiar and curious. Leopard design makes it attractive and charming if it’s your style. Despite of having unique design and good quality, it does a great job of handling water. 

The mesh side bag makes it easy to look inside and see your hedge without opening it which is very good features. The shoulder strap is well positioned and you can comfortably carry it around.  Strap of most of the carrier bag are encored too close which makes it uncomfortable to carry. It looks nice and it’s breathable. Your pet can easily stay in for longer time. The material used in it is durable. 

The carrier is resistant to chew so that your pet can not chew and then the life cycle of bag will increase.  It is very light weight that you can carry it along with you while going for a trip.  The zipper in it is of high and best quality.  Enough room area enables your pet to move freely in the carrier. 

Its special features include the following:

  • The leopard pattern is unique and beautiful.
  • Well positioned shoulder strip
  • Strong and sturdy hand carry belt
  • Breathable and  large mesh area
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6: Shoulder bag travel comfort for small pets:

This carrier is made up of long lasting and soft polyester. This hedgehog carrier bag can last for years. The bag can be washed in the machine and you can dry it in the dryer after washing. Machine would not effect on its fabric. 

Each carrier has a shoulder adjusting strap. The purpose of this strap is to make you and your pet feel comfortable during journey. The front also has a mesh area so that your pet can easily look outside and access fresh air. 

It is great carrier for the pet when it is smaller. The quality is very good and it is attractive looking. For squirrel, it is solid product to assist with bonding. It has plenty of space for nest or peek out of the viewing mesh.  However, instead of round design around your body or neck, it swings recklessly. 

This pouch is great. It is very durable and well made.  Easily fits two gliders with plenty of room for their bedding to snuggle in. it also has a little zipper pocket along the bottom, where you can store some snacks for your pets if you plan to have them for long time. The pattern is also perfect to carry it during work. 

It special features include the following:

  • Made up of long lasting material
  • Moveable shoulder strap
  • Hand washed and can be dried through dryer
  • Durable polyester has been used in it
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7: Small pet bag by MUMMUMI:

This carrier bag provides you two color option, pink and grey. Different sizes are also available of these colors.  The bags are made from a comfortable combination of wool, nylon and cotton that keep your pet warm and safe.  The inside of the carrier is luxurious and it let your hedgehog to sleep well and feel comfortable while travelling.  

There is a special pocket at the bottom of the bag so that you can put warming pad to keep the animal extra comfortable in winter.  Each bag has mesh area. You can see your pet easily through the mesh area. Mesh area allows your pet to get fresh air from environment during travelling. For wearing the bag easily, each carrier bag includes a shoulder strap. 

It is very cozy and soft with the adjustable strap. Soft and warm fleece makes it very comfortable and enjoyable. There is a zipper on the upper part of the bag which is very easy to use. Shoulder strap makes it easy to bring your pet outside without any danger of falling. 

Its special features include the following:

  • Two size option (large and small)
  • Two color option (grey and pink)
  • Made of very soft and nice material
  • Large mesh area
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8: Hedgehog backup carrier by PEVOR:

Above every other feature, we have chosen this bag due to it great quality material. The fabric which is used by creators makes it very long lasting, durable and compatible product. 

In this way, it can be perfect and comfortable home for your hedgehog. In addition, the fact is the back is really big. As a result, hedgehog will have plenty of room to be active and move freely on the trip. 

Not only has that, creators proven that they are really careful in choosing the design. Yes I am point out breathable mesh here.  Of course, it’s also definitely good for air flow, which makes the hedgehog feel more comfortable during long trips. 

    No own wants that the hedgehog’s feet get stuck in any kind of loose string. We ensure you that this will never happen because it is made from best quality of  fabric. 

Its special features include the following:

  • Great quality zipper.
  • Large size
  • Plenty of space
  • Mesh for air flow
  • Warm and washable.
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QNO1: Can you carry a hedgehog in a bag?

Yes you can carry a hedgehog in bag because it is the only option left when you have to take a hedgehog on a long trip or journey. If you own a hedgehog, then you need its carrier bag. The cages of the hedgehogs are too large to carry easily. They are inconvenient to carry. So it’s very best to buy a hedgehog pouch or bag to take a hedgehog along with you. 

QNO2: How big a hedgehog carrier be?

Here I am going to describe the dimensions of an ideal hedgehog carrier bag.

An ideal carrier bag is 12ʺ or 30 cm across the top, 10ʺ or 25 cm across the bottom, 9ʺ or 23 cm tall and 5ʺ or 13 cm deep. 

QNO3: How do you make a hedgehog pouch?

Making a best hedgehog pouch includes the following steps.

 First step includes cutting of materials. 

In the second step, put the similar colors in front of each other and sew them together. Leave the one edge open. 

In the next step, put the one bag inside the other bag. Make sure that their right sides are facing each other. 

In the final and last step, sew them up,

QNO4: How do you transport a hedgehog? 

In a vehicle, hard sided animal care is the only safe way to transport a hedgehog. The short visits include day trips or vet visits. Car accidents can occur at any time during traveling. If you would not protect your hedgehog by a hard carrier then your hedgehog can be easily thrown out of the vehicle.

QNO5: Will there be a case of chewing mesh?

Yes it can happen. If you keep your pet for longer period of time, then the pet start chewing the mesh. 

Moreover, these carriers are designed for short term comfort. You can only use these bags when you are going outside for any purpose. 

 How to select the right and best hedgehog carrier bag (buying guide)

best hedgehog carrier bag

Now you need a strong and safe hedgehog carry bag because now is the time to take your adventure hog places. But which one should we select among all? We reviewed the hedgehog carriers available online then selected only the one we would rely on for quality to travel. Here is most important factor for selecting your bag for your travel hedgehog.  First we will put light on the appearance of the hedgehog carrier bag.  Then we will explain that what necessary features you should keep in mind while buying a hedgehog carrier bag. 

 Always give priority to quality over price. 

The crucial features of a perfect hedgehog carrier bag:

Protection and security:

Safety is one of the key features which you should look for while buying a hedgehog carrier bag.  One of the biggest fears which the hedgehog community faces is the fear of tearing and snagging of toes. Threads that are loose or exposed can quickly turn dangerous. It is not uncommon for the hedgehog to claw and scratch. After all, they are beasts.  If a string or thread gets stuck around the hedgehog’s feet and leg then it can cause serious problems. The problems like change of color, loose of blood circulation etc can occur.  If you use a scissor to cut the thread around the feet and leg of hedgehog and still get failed, then its right time to visit to a vet.

Sometimes it takes too much time to take your pet to vet, so having a travel bag for the safety of pet is necessary.  We always recommend bag which is strong and which prevents the looseness of threads.  A great and best quality hedgehog bag has to be strong and safe.  

Wide capacity:

Some time people order small pet carriers online from wholesalers and they are surprised when they get them.  It is just because the carrier is not always according to their expectations.  When the carrier is made from inferior material and the threads are loose, the buyer becomes upset.  H

Some people use bonding pouches for hedgehogs but they do not have enough capacity for hedgehogs. Furthermore, hedgehog pouch does not last long for long time.  A perfect hedgehog carrier bag should be according to the size of your hedgehog. A perfect small animal travel bag should have enough space that you can easily keep a toy, water bottle and other necessary item in it. 

Deep pockets and good quality fabric:

Sometimes hedgehog thinks we are their personal toilets, but this reason should not interfere in traveling a hedgehog with you. The fabric of best quality hedgehog carrier bag should be washable so that you can enjoy your journey with hedgehog without trouble.  It’s a very good point if the pet carrier bags have pockets. You can keep your necessary item in that pockets when you go for a journey and want to take your hedgehog along with you.  Pockets should be deep enough so that you can easily fit some food stuff and bottle if worms in them. Animal carrying case on the other hand has wide space and many pockets to keep different items in it. 

Long lasting and easy to clean:

Supposing that the bag will be used a lot and will need to be washed frequently, you must select something that can withstand with many wash cycles. If there is a removable fleece at the bottom of the bag then it’s also a very good point. Fleece reduces the need to wash the whole bag.  That’s why having the removable fleece liner is important – to prolong he worth of the bag. 

Of course, a little care is needed, but when it comes to cleaning, our ideal hedgehog carry bag consumes the less effort. We just want to put the beautiful bag in the cold wash, dryer or hang dry instead. 

 Front flap and Mesh window:

Either way to get out- be it your next trip to the doctor, farmer market or the Eiffel tower, your hedgehog carrier bag must have a mesh liner window for flow of air.  If you are bothered by sunlight, you should be able to shut it down through the front flap. 

Window is a great option in the hedgehog bag.  Apart from providing air flow, it provides an opportunity to your hedgehog to peek out in the air and get a piece of action. 

Moveable two way strap:

An adjustable strap will distribute the weight of the bag evenly throughout your body. If your bag is reliable, you can easily wear over it on your shoulders by different angles. Wearing a bag near to you will reduce the amount of luggage you carry while walking, and enhance the chances of bonding with your hedgehog. 

Few dominant features of hedgehog carrier bag

Hamiledyi Portable Small Animal Hamster Travel Bag Pet Backpack Carrying Bag with Zipper and Strap Breathable and Safe Suitable for Guinea Pigs Hedgehogs Hamsters Chinchillas Squirrels

Strengthen interfacing junction;

It ensures the safety of fingers and toes of hedgehogs that do not get stuck in loose material parts. 

Water-resistant detachable bottom line:

Due to waterproof feature, there is zero chance of hedge to get wet. Do not worry about need to change the cloth because hedge has wet the bag. 

Mesh window for air flow:

Deep nylon mesh window provides enough air flow and dim light suitable for your hedgehog.  Front flap can also be used to cover the window when needed. 

Some other features you may appreciate:


You will surely like your hedgehog carrier bag if it has some pockets with extra space. You can keep your necessary item like bottle etc in it.

Front flap:

Front flap is used to cover the window completely. By covering the window there will be full darkness inside the hedgehog carrier bag and your hedgehog will feel comfortable.  But it’s not a big deal if your hedgehog carrier bag has not front flap. 

Fleece interior:

Your hedgehog will be as comfortable and exciting as anything made of durable and high quality material. If you often find loose straps a soft material such as cotton or polyester can be quite fine.