All You Have to Know About Hedgehog Colors 2024

Hedgehogs are comparatively new influxes to the pet lover’s scene, and the opinions on hedgehog colors have changed significantly over the years. There are an astonishing amount of hedgehog colors out there. Once you express people they usually do not trust you! Overall, there are more than ninety different hedgehog colors. Chiefly, few of them are rare and several are reasonably common.

Mostly, these hedgehog color choices can be slightly complex to discover at your native pet store (most of them only have salt and pepper hedgehogs). Though, if you discover any rare hedgehog colors and unique colors you love.  Then, you should contact a rancher out there who may be capable of helping you out.

As we have mentioned earlier about 90 different color patterns of hedgehogs. So, it is harmless to say that African pygmy hedgehogs originate in all combinations and shades. Certain colors are challenging to breed because they will charge you a lot in the end. Usually, dark colors cost you a higher price. Any other unique feature or Face mask will similarly knock up the expense as well.

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Different Colors Of Hedgehogs

We have deep research to serve you a list of all the possible hedgehog colors out there what color is a hedgehog? So, you can understand which hedgehog color is accurate for you. We hope this guide will help you a lot in choosing your little adorable hedgehog buddy.

Hedgehog Colors With Pictures

What colors can hedgehogs be

As there are more than 90 different hedgehog colors. These hedgehog colors can be classified into a few main groups which are most common. When you gaze at a pet hedgehog online, you will normally realize the similar colors again and again which are salt and pepper. However, there are ample extra famous or popular colors that individuals love such as Algerian, black, white, and pinto. Furthermore, hedgehog color genetics plays a vital role in hedgehog color also.

To be very honest, it is very tough to express the difference among a lot of these hedgehog colors. That is why we have organized our simple guide in this way for your kind information. So, you will be able to observe the main differences first. Moreover, despite getting trapped in the blurry and indistinguishable facts and details.

Salt And Pepper Hedgehogs

Salt and pepper hedgehogs

It is the most common color in the hedgehog you will find. Salt and pepper hedgehogs are easily amiable. You will very often look at this salt and paper hedgehog color as the standard color between holders. Moreover, they are the typical little pet hedgehogs in appearance. They fall in the white-bellied category of hedgehog color. Mainly, the aim we need to contribute to this hedgehog color to its part is essential because they are everywhere.

These beautiful salt and pepper hedgehogs have black shoulders, ears, and noses. Additionally, the rest of the salt and paper hedgehog’s face is white with a black mask. Also, their spines are chiefly white however, black bands are present. As compared to white-bellied hedgehogs, their underbelly hair is also white. Furthermore, the black mottling of the underbody is wide.

As a pet lover, we adore this little hedgehog color as there is excessive contrast all over the pet’s body. Also, their hair difference between black and white is rather nicely done. Their quills have a textured look as well.

White-bellied Hedgehogs

Besides salt and pepper hedgehog, there are a lot of colors that are included in the white-bellied hedgehog pet class. White-bellied hedgehog’s name shows these little hedgehogs have white color hair on the underbelly.

Cinnamon Colored Hedgehog

Cinnamon colored hedgehog

Furthermore, the cinnamon color hedgehog is one of the favorite colors of hedgehog lovers. These hedgehogs have a light red color nose. As cinnamon-colored hedgehog falls in the white-bellied hedgehog class. So, they have white bellies mottling of their skin is not preferred.

Also, they have particular pink skin on their shoulders. They have no face masks. Moreover, most of their spines are mostly white however, they have a light cinnamon brown shade along with the bands. The Hedgehog poop color is black.

Chocolate Color Hedgehog

Chocolate color hedgehog

This is one of the favorite colors of our pet lovers. The chocolate hedgehog looks a lot like a shadier form of the cinnamon hedgehog color. Furthermore, these chocolate color hedgehogs have white spines with dark brown bands. Their nose is darker brown almost black and their face mask is light brown. Moreover, their bellies are white and have pale mottling underbelly areas. Also, the shoulders are light grey.

Grey Color Hedgehog

Grey color hedgehog

Mostly, people confuse grey color hedgehog with salt and pepper hedgehog however the chief difference is in the mask of the grey hedgehog. So, the grey hedgehog has white spines and black bands with rusty-brown external ends. Their nose color is black. Also, there is certain mottling on the underbelly and its face mask is black as well as a lot softer. Moreover, the skin over the shoulders is also grey.

Dark Grey Color Hedgehog

Dark grey color hedgehog

Furthermore, dark gray color is also available in hedgehogs. That is possibly the closest resemblance you can discover to salt and pepper hedgehog. Also, they are fundamentally similar with the exclusion of the coloring on their shoulder area.  The grey hedgehog has dark grey shoulders despite being solid black. They have white spines with black bands and the outer edges are very fine rusty-brown. The grey hedgehog has a black nose.

Brown Color Hedgehog

Brown color hedgehog

This hedgehog has a reliable light rich brown color balance. That you can see all over the body. The brown color hedgehog has white spines with light oak brown bands. Also, sometimes this color difference will have a light mask as well.

Furthermore, brown hedgehog’s eyes have a beautiful light blue ring around their outer edges. Mottling of the skin in this brown hedgehog is not preferred. The skin color on the shoulders is pink with a minor volume of grey pigmentation.

Dark Cinnicot Color Hedgehog

The next color on our list is the dark cinnamon color hedgehog. Dark cinnamon is a very interesting color in hedgehogs. Dark cinnamon hedgehogs have white bellies. Moreover, their shoulders are pink in color. The dark cinnamon hedgehog nose is dark reddish-brown with a pink outside rim.

The very important feature of identifying the dark cinnamon hedgehog is, they never have a mask on their face. Furthermore, these hedgehogs have white spines with a 70 percent cinnamon color band. The remaining spine has pale orange bands and is dispersed evenly all over.

Black Eye Cinnicot Hedgehog

Black eye cinnicot hedgehog

These black eye cinnicot hedgehogs are very comparable to the dark cinnicot color hedgehog with the chief exclusion being in the spines. So, the black eye cinnicot hedgehog has white spines with a variation of pale beige and cinnamon splitting band color. Moreover, these hedgehogs have pink shoulders and also they do not have a face mask. Their eyes are black and they have a pink nose.

Ruby Eye Cinnicot Hedgehog

Ruby Eye cinnicot hedgehog

The ruby eye cinnicot color hedgehog is exactly similar to the black eye cinnicot. Mainly, the only difference in these hedgehogs is the color of the eyes. These little hedgehogs have red (ruby shade) eyes despite black ones. Additionally, its spines are white with 50 % cinnamon bands, and the remaining are light orange-beige. The shoulders and nose color is pink and it has no face mask.

Champagne Color Hedgehog

Champagne color hedgehog

Furthermore, this color in hedgehogs is the same as the dark cinnamon color but it has red eyes. Also, the spines have the same color and distribution as the light orange-beige band. They do not have a masked face. Moreover, these hedgehogs have white bellies and pink noses. It not only has pink shoulders but also a pink nose with a reddish-brown rim outside. Lastly, this cute little hedgehog has ruby-red eyes.

Apricot Color Hedgehog

Apricot color hedgehog

The apricot hedgehog color is very neat-looking. These hedgehogs have a pale pink nose that changes into their unmasked face flawlessly. Additionally, their eyes color is red which accompaniment their face pretty well. The spines of this little pal are all white with gorgeous-looking fawn bands all over. Their underbody color is white. There is no face mask on their face. Moreover, their pink nose makes them more attractive.

Pale Apricot Color Hedgehog

Pale apricot color hedgehog

All about the pale apricot hedgehog resembles the typical apricot color however with expressively brighter spines. Its spines are white with a particularly light orange-yellow shade. They also have white color underbelly and do not have a face mask. Last but not least, their eyes are ruby red.

Snowflake Hedgehogs

Beautiful snowflake hedgehogs are a truly remarkable color. It falls in the white-belly class of hedgehogs. These hedgehogs are an indeed adorable group. Which have an intensely quality look with a lot of contrasts. The snowflake hedgehog gets its name for the reason that the spine color inclines to appear like snow from the right angle position.

Furthermore, the snowflake hedgehog class contains those creatures that have a properly even combination of non-banded and banded spines. This feature provides the hedgehog with the look of a bright snowflake sprinkling above its back. This is a recessive difference of the dominant colors.

Silver Color Hedgehog

Silver color hedgehog

This is possibly the most popular type of adorable snowflake hedgehog. As they keep white spines with black bands. Yet, a reasonable part of their spine is white. These silver hedgehogs have white bellies. Additionally, they have a white face with a black nose and ears as well as a black mask on their face. They have white hair underbody and extensive black mottling on the underbelly area. The skin on the shoulders is black.

Charcoal Color Hedgehog

Charcoal color hedgehog

Charcoal color hedgehogs are also popular as grey snowflake hedgehogs. These hedgehogs have a black nose with a black mask. Additionally, these hedgehogs have 30 to 70 percent white spines and the remaining have light brown accents to their bands. Moreover, there is a mottling of the underbelly and grey color skin on the shoulders. The whole body is an attractively standardized snowflake chic from the spines to the belly.

Silver Charcoal Color Hedgehog

Silver Charcoal color hedgehog

Of all the available hedgehog colors, this is one of the best and most remarkable colors. Truly, express to the snowflake group of hedgehogs. Since the right angle of these hedgehogs looks like there is snow on their back. It is more attractive than any other color on our list. Moreover, it has a mixture of white spines and very bright grey bands.

So, when you see these beautiful little buddies walking around yourself it will be kind of mesmerizing. You will similarly find some darker color skin in external areas of the belly. Additionally, almost all the further features of this silver charcoal color hedgehog are similar to Charcoal. Their shoulder skin is dark grey, nearly black, and also they have a black nose.

Chocolate Chip Color Hedgehog

Chocolate Chip color hedgehog

Chocolate Chip color hedgehogs have the typical snowflake spine percentage but have a little darker chocolate color with combinations in the bands. These hedgehogs have a very dark nose pretty close to black. Their features are completely according to their name.

Brown Snowflake Color Hedgehog

Brown Snowflake color hedgehog

These hedgehogs have a similar type of complexion as the typical snowflake with sufficient deep brown color to set them separately from colors like chocolate chip. Furthermore, this is of utmost clear on the bands and these hedgehog noses. There is not a prominent mask on them as well.

Their eyes have a light blue ring about the outside edges. Also, the mottling of the skin is not noticeable.  Brown snowflake hedgehog’s skin above the shoulders is pink with a lesser amount of grey coloring. Last but not least, their nose is reddish-brown and dappled with black color.

Ruby Eyes Cinnicot Snowflake Color Hedgehog

The next color in our hedgehog colors list is ruby eyes cinnicot snowflake. This is a very interesting hedgehog color. Though they do have the typical white spine percentage that you imagine from snowflakes. There is an exclusive combination going on with the bands.

Also, you will observe a mix of orange and beige as well as cinnamon color which provides them a classic look. These hedgehogs have pink shoulders and skin apart from their stomach and a pink shade nose as well. Moreover, the eyes of these hedgehogs are deep ruby red color. Additionally, you will not ever see this color with a mask.

Black Eyes Cinnicot Snowflake Color Hedgehog

Black eyes cinnicot snowflake color hedgehog is precisely similar to the ruby eye hedgehog. The only difference is in eye color. The rest of the features in these hedgehogs are almost the same. So, if there are extra changes then you may be confusing it with some other color.

White Hedgehogs

These white hedgehogs are truly from a straight white color class that is becoming more and more famous among pet lovers. The chief feature that positions out with them is their completely white spines. Additionally, there is not enough banding in this hedgehog color, and the bands that are existing inclined to be very light. So, it can be fairly hard to express the difference from far away.

Platinum Color Hedgehog

Platinum color hedgehog

The platinum color hedgehog is a very famous hedgehog color. Nearly all of the spines are white. Also, it has a white belly. Moreover, there is certainly hardly evident grey color banding on the spines of these hedgehogs as well. Platinum color hedgehog not only has black color skin on its shoulders but also a black nose, ears, and face mask. Underbelly mottling is extensive.

Cinnamon White Color Hedgehog

Cinnamon white color hedgehog has the same spine coloring as the platinum color hedgehog. The only difference is the least banding that exists is more cinnamon. Additionally, these hedgehogs have no mask on their faces. Their nose is dark brown and their belly area is white with no mottling. Lastly, their ears have a very light color.

Charcoal White Color Hedgehog

Charcoal white color hedgehog

These hedgehogs are one of our favorite hedgehogs. These charcoal white color hedgehogs have white spines just like most other white hedgehogs. However, the banding is black with a rusty brown color on the edges. This color combination forms a truly very beautiful look. Chiefly, when these little buddies are in their ball. Moreover, they have little mottling under the belly. Their nose and face mask are black and their shoulder skin is grey.

Silver Charcoal White Color Hedgehog

The silver charcoal white color hedgehog has the majority of white color spines. These hedgehogs have almost the same colors and patterns as the typical charcoal-white hedgehog. However, the banding of the spines is a little lighter. The ears, nose, and face mask are black. Their shoulder skin is dark grey, near to black. There is extensive mottling of the underbelly.

Chocolate White Color Hedgehog

Chocolate white color hedgehog

Hedgehog pet lovers love this chocolate-white color due to its color combination. These hedgehogs have chocolate bands and white spines. Their face mask is light brown. Also, their nose is dark brown to match.

Brown White Color Hedgehog

Brown white color hedgehog

Hedgehog’s fans love this color. This brown-white color hedgehog has paramount white spines with rich brown bands nearby them. There is commonly a very light face mask (if present). Their nose has a dark reddish-brown color with black mottling. Moreover, their eyes have a light blue color ring all over the outer edges. The shoulder skin is pink with a minor amount of grey coloring.

Dark Cinnicot White Color Hedgehog

Dark cinnicot white color hedgehog is a remarkable variation in hedgehog colors. These hedgehogs feature white spines with lighter brown bands. They have brownish-red (almost black) eyes. They have no face mask and their bellies are white. Furthermore, their shoulder skin is pink as well as the underbelly. Their nose is reddish-brown with a pink rim.

Black Eyes Cinnicot White Color Hedgehog

The black eyes cinnicot white color hedgehog is the almost same color as the dark cinnicot white hedgehog color with only 1 slight difference. Their nose has a combination of dark brownish-red and solid pink despite a more solid color.

Otherwise, except for this, it is very hard to express these two colors separately. They have no face mask and their eyes are black. Their shoulders skin is pink as well as they have a pink underbelly area. Their nose is evenly mottling with liver and pink colors.

Ruby Eyes Cinnicot White Color Hedgehog

These hedgehogs have precisely the same as the black eyes color hedgehog with the only difference of the color of the eyes. So, they have dark red color eyes that are very prominent in their white bodies. They have no face mask and their nose has mottling of pink and liver colors.

Algerian hedgehogs

The term Algerian is frequently used to mention the species of hedgehog. It is also identified as a distinct color group from that of the white-bellied hedgehog colors. Chiefly, the core feature that is prominent in these hedgehogs others are the colors of their cheek and mask. These hedgehogs have color that spreads past the usual mask area into the hedgehog’s cheek space. It looks like they are having a wider face mask.

Mostly, their spine is the same as the hedgehog colors we have mentioned above. So, the key idea to recognize these Algerian hedgehogs is by observing their face for the cover of color. We truly like this cute feature.

Algerian Grey Color Hedgehog

Algerian Grey color hedgehog

This unique color looks like a salt and pepper hedgehog at first sight. Algerian grey color hedgehogs have color spines with black bands and rust edges. Their skin has heavy mottling. Moreover, their nose is black and they have a darker face mask with deep, golden-brown cheek patches.

Algerian Dark Grey Color Hedgehog

Algerian dark grey color hedgehog

The Algerian dark grey color hedgehog is very much the same as the Algerian grey color hedgehog. However, these hedgehogs not only have darker masks but also sometimes darker skin as well. Their face mask is wide and spreads from under the eyes nearly to the quill line below the ears. Also, their spines are almost the same as the typical Algerian grey hedgehog.

Algerian Black Color Hedgehog

Algerian black color hedgehog

This Algerian black color is our favorite hedgehog color overall. These hedgehogs are simply adorable. Moreover, their spines are cream in color with very dark black bands. Similarly, they have a black face as well as black shoulders. Additionally, they have a unique black mask that spreads nearly to the neck and the nose is also black.

Algerian Chocolate Color Hedgehog

Algerian chocolate color hedgehogs are very beautiful in their looks. These hedgehogs have a pale beige pattern on their spines with chocolate brown bands. Additionally, their mask is also brown and spreads out in a little brighter color. The mottling of the underbelly is wide. Even their nose color is dark chocolate brown.

Algerian Cinnamon Color Hedgehog

Algerian cinnamon color hedgehog

These hedgehogs share a lot of similarities in features with the Algerian chocolate color hedgehogs. The major difference is in the complete color tone. Algerian cinnamon hedgehog color is a little lighter than Algerian chocolate color hedgehogs. This applies to their nose, skin, mask, and spines as well.

Algerian Brown Color Hedgehog

Algerian brown color hedgehog

Algerian brown color in hedgehogs is a very protuberant color in hedgehogs. It exists on their mask and cheeks as well as on their skin and spines. Moreover, there is little mottling of the underbelly and the nose color is also chocolate brown.

Algerian Cinnicot Color Hedgehog

Algerian Cinnicot color hedgehog

Algerian Cinnicot hedgehog color is very exclusive in hedgehog colors. That is gaining popularity and admiration over the past few years. Furthermore, these hedgehogs have a light beige and orange color arrangement on their spines. Also, they have a wonderful pale mask as well. The nose is a bit on the light side too. Additionally, there is a lot of texture and contrast when we talk about the appearance of their spines particularly when they are walking.

Algerian Dark Cinnicot Color Hedgehog

Algerian dark Cinnicot color hedgehog

These cute little hedgehogs contain the same type of colors and pattern relations as the typical Algerian Cinnicot hedgehog. The great change is that the pattern is squeezed to be somewhat darker overall.

Their spines are of cream and dark cinnamon-orange color with a small number of dark apricot bands. These hedgehogs have gray skin. Furthermore, they have a light face mask with pale brown cheek areas. The nose color is reddish-brown with chocolate brown mottling. Lastly, there is no underbelly mottling in this hedgehog.

Algerian Apricot Color Hedgehog

Algerian apricot color hedgehog

Algerian apricot color hedgehogs have cream spines with pale orange bands. The Algerian apricot variants with very light colors of beige and orange. That is spread all over the spines. Their skin is pink with a very light shade of gray.

They have no face mask but there are very light orange-brown cheek spots. Moreover, their nose is pink with a light reddish-brown color rim around. Lastly, there is no underbelly mottling in this hedgehog.

Algerian Chocolate Snowflake Color Hedgehog

Algerian chocolate snowflake color hedgehog

Algerian chocolate snowflake is one of the best in hedgehog colors. The Algerian chocolate snowflake hedgehog has a uniform division of pattern in its quills of faded white and dark brown. These hedgehogs have a light brown face mask. Face masks can occasionally differ in color. Their nose is dark chocolate brown.

Algerian Cinnicot Snowflake Color Hedgehog

Algerian cinnicot snowflake color hedgehog

These hedgehogs are truly neat. Algerian cinnamon snowflake hedgehogs have a faint brown face mask, dark black eyes, and a brown nose. Furthermore, the spines of this hedgehog are a combination of cinnamon and cream color with some banding. Their underbelly has a white color with some light mottling. They have greyish pink skin on the shoulders.

Algerian Black Snowflake Color Hedgehog

The Algerian black snowflake is a good-looking color. These hedgehogs contain a very clean and nice spine pattern. Though, all of the spines are of the same faint color. Around half of the spines are with black banding and the rest of the spines are not. So, this combination creates an adorable look that a lot of other little hedgehogs do not have. Furthermore, these hedgehogs have some black skin, black cheeks, and black nose complexion as well.

Algerian Grey Snowflake Color Hedgehog

These hedgehogs look a lot similar to the Algerian black snowflake. However, with a pale grey color despite the black color. Also, you will observe some grey and light brown coloring through the face and skin with the exclusion of the nose. The skin of this hedgehog has great mottling.

Algerian Apricot Snowflake Color Hedgehog

Algerian apricot snowflake color hedgehog

I love this color of hedgehogs. The Algerian apricot snowflake hedgehog has cream spines with pale orange banding. You will also see the same color exists on some parts of the skin. The rest of the skin is pink with a very light touch of gray. These hedgehogs have a pale pink nose and sometimes a light face mask. Their eyes are black. The Algerian apricot snowflake hedgehog has a white underbelly.

Algerian White Color Hedgehog

Furthermore, there is a range of very different colors that properly fit into the Algerian white subset. It is a little overload to list all of them one by one. As they are very similar to the remaining Algerian hedgehogs.

They have only one dissimilarity with the Algerian white group that is, you will not ever discover any banding on their spines. The whole pal else will look the same. So, if you have an Algerian chocolate white color hedgehog, it is purely an Algerian chocolate color hedgehog without the banding of spines.

These Algerian white hedgehogs can appear very white because they do not have banding. So, if you want a pure white hedgehog color then this hedgehog may be the one for you.

Albino Hedgehogs

Albino hedgehogs

These albino hedgehogs are an example of hedgehog colors that are in their class. As we are listing beautiful hedgehog colors so, these albino hedgehogs are exclusive due to the complete lack of coloring.

The spines and hair of this hedgehog are white with no banding anywhere. Also, these hedgehogs have the symbol of red eyes as well as pink skin. Lastly, their nose is pink.

Pinto Hedgehogs

Pinto hedgehogs

These hedgehogs have their color pattern strictly despite a color category. Pinto hedgehogs do not have any color on quills and they have very little color on the skin below.

Additionally, it will demonstrate itself in areas where a collection of their spines will not have color. Then a big group will have it. So, it is very simple and easy to identify these hedgehogs. Moreover, they have a pinkish nose.

Black Hedgehogs

Although there are not entirely black hedgehog colors. According to our kind point of view, they are very close to the Algerian black hedgehogs. Additionally, they have a large volume of black color on their spines and bodies.

As we have mentioned earlier, they are one of most favorite hedgehog colors. Also, we get the same feedback from ample other hedgehog owners. So, give these adorable creatures a shot!


Q1. What are the different colors of hedgehogs?

Ans. Hedgehogs are available in very unique colors like grey, brown, white, black, etc. A detailed list of hedgehog colors is available above. So, you can own and enjoy the company of these adorable hedgehogs.

In those states of the United States of America, where this beautiful creature is illegal, you and your kids can enjoy a hedgehog coloring page, shadow the Hedgehog coloring pages, sonic the Hedgehog movie coloring pages, sonic the Hedgehog coloring book, sonic the Hedgehog sonic coloring pages, silver the hedgehog coloring pages, hedgehog coloring pages for adults, classic sonic the hedgehog coloring pages, and sonic the hedgehog coloring pages.

Q2. Are hedgehogs brown or gray?

Ans. Hedgehogs can be of both brown or gray color and also a combination of both colors. As we have mentioned earlier the grey hedgehog has white spines and black bands with rusty-brown external ends. Their nose color is black. Also, there is certain mottling on the underbelly and its face mask is black as well as a lot softer. Moreover, the skin over the shoulders is also grey.

While brown color hedgehog has white spines with light oak brown bands. Also, sometimes this color difference will have a light mask as well. Furthermore, brown hedgehog’s eyes have a beautiful light blue ring around their outer edges. Mottling of the skin in this brown hedgehog is not preferred. The skin color on the shoulders is pink with a minor volume of grey pigmentation.

Q3. Can hedgehogs be blue?

Ans. No, there are seventeen classes of hedgehogs in the world, but none of them are blue. If you love blue color then you can amuse yourself with blue Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pictures, blue-colored hedgehog plush toys, blue knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages, printable Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages, blue Sonic the Hedgehog coloring, sonic the Hedgehog free coloring pages, tails sonic the hedgehog coloring pages, and sonic the hedgehog characters coloring pages.

Q4. What is a high pinto hedgehog?

Ans. High pinto hedgehogs have mostly white spines with some areas of banding. These hedgehogs are very different from a reverse pinto. Furthermore, high pintos can have color on the feet, ears, or face.  While reverse pintos have no pigment in any of those places.

Q5. What color is Sonic the Hedgehog?

Ans.  The sonic hedgehog has a blue color. It is a very interesting video game with a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog character. People also love Sonic the Hedgehog colors, supersonic the Hedgehog coloring pages, Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages, sonic the Hedgehog pictures to color, hedgehog coloring book for adults, free printable Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages, Shadow Hedgehog coloring pages, and Sonic the hedgehog Christmas coloring pages.

Q6. Are hedgehogs legal in Colorado?

Ans.  Yes! Hedgehogs are legal in Colorado. There are some states in the United States of America where it is unlawful to breed and keep hedgehogs. So, hedgehogs for sale in Colorado, hedgehog breeders in Colorado, baby hedgehogs for sale in Colorado Springs, and hedgehog rescue Colorado springs are as safe as hedgehog Colorado.



There are a lot of rare and common hedgehog colors available. So, you can select from our list if you have a desire for your little pal hedgehog. Discovering the correct and favorite color for you will be great fun.

We have tried our best to give you a complete and simple guide for choosing your favorite hedgehog color without any worry or confusion about little differences between colors. Instead of focusing on minor differences, we emphasize the great differences. So, it will be easier and stress-free for you to have your favorite hedgehog color.