The Best Hedgehog Toys 2024: Ultimate Buying Guide

Discovering the best hedgehog toys can be slightly tricky.

However, pet hedgehogs are receiving more and more popularity with time. Still, they are considered rare. So, this shows that you hardly have the chance to select from a series of hedgehog toys that are manufactured firmly with hedgehogs in mind. Furthermore, you need toys for your hedgehog that make them happy, entertained, and enriched. Similarly, offering your hedgehog the opportunity to acquire some workout is vital too!

Luckily, hedgehogs play with an extensive range of toys because they are normally very inquisitive, funny, and curious animals. So, if your hedgehog toy is enriching and safe, you are good to go!

Additionally, it might be hedgehog toys DIY, store-bought (like our preferred ideas below), homemade hedgehog toys, miniature hedgehog toys, German shepherd hedgehog toys, household hedgehog toys, pygmy hedgehog toys, stuffed hedgehog toys, as well as small hedgehog toys for hedgehogs.

As long as it is a harmless toy that a hedgehog desires to play with, you are possibly working to be ok.

List of Hedgehog Toys, Best Pet Hedgehog Toys Reviews 2024:

All hedgehog parent wants to provide their baby with suitable toys to adore and enjoy. Thus, which toys do your hedgehog best frequently love to play with? So, in this article, we are going to give you 7 harmless pygmy hedgehog toys. All of these are deeply examined and tried by hedgehog fans and their loveable pets.

We search and spend a lot of time to know the best hedgehog toys that appropriate all the standards we look for. We pay a lot of care to




Easiness of movement

Overall fun factor (for both the owner and the small pal)

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1. NiteAngel Wooden Tunnel Toy — Best Overall:

Being quarry animals, hedgehogs in the rough continuously have to be on guard for danger. So, to help their probabilities of existence, they will regularly dig out holes or find burrows to sleep and hide in. Even if your hedgehog was born and raised in confinement, their survival nature is still intensely strengthened in them. So, giving a toy to your hedgehog that looks like a normal and natural hideaway will be importantly nourishing to them.

The natural wooden tunnel tube by Nite Angel is one of the best suitable toys. Additionally, this tunnel has holes that permit your tiny one to look out to check for danger. Moreover, this hedgehog toy lets the hedgehog work out their natures by inspiring them to discover their enclosure.

As it is prepared from natural wood, the hedgehog can chomp on it to retain its teeth in form. However, you can keep treats in the tunnel to cheer them to travel it. Even your hedgehog can sleep there while they are tired.

Chiefly, in Hedgehog Toys Amazon, this toy got 4.5 stars out of 5 (over 1600+ reviews). It is lightweight and cheap, yet helps a range of jobs. Also, gives a natural feeling to your hedgehog which is why we have it as our top pick.

  • Multifunctional

  • Lightweight

  • Cheap

  • Does not provide sufficient psychological stimulation
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2. Wheeky Treat Ball Toy — Best Value:

A weekly treat ball is an amusing hedgehog toy that permits you to provide your hedgehog pet with both mental and physical stimulation. Chiefly, it has a diameter of merely 2.8 inches. It is very small for your sensitive one to move everywhere. They can even pick it up if want. Furthermore, it has a lively yellow color with the addition of orange attractive carrots. Animals like hedgehogs are also known to like these colors.

Moreover, it has flexible openings. Where you can keep treats. Once you place the treats in the ball, you can trigger your hedgehog’s instinct to hunt. Consequently, this educational hedgehog toy will add to do exercise of your hedgehog by pushing around the weekly treat ball. It will also give mental stimulation to the hedgehog by figuring out exactly how to get the treats inside.

In Hedgehog Toys for sale, this ball has got 4.3 out of 5 stars (800+ reviews).  Fairly it is affordable and reasonable hedgehog toys and accessories. Its cheap price makes it one of the best toys for hedgehogs for the money.

  • Offers physical exercise

  • Boosts searching for mental stimulation

  • Affordable

  • Certain hedgehogs surrender to it if they are not able to find out how to take to the treats inside.
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3. Kaytee’s large Igloo Hideaway — Premium Choice:

Occasionally, your little one wants time for itself, and it is not out of context for you or anybody else. Your hedgehogs are night-time creatures, which means they awake and play at night and sleep in the daytime. So, in this situation, it is very important to provide them a substitute hiding place in their cage where they can enjoy themselves throughout the day. This product has an outstanding refuge for your little animal.

Additionally, it has a range of colors to enhance the decoration of your hedgehog’s enclosure. Also, it is transparent, which permits you to observe your hedgehog. Especially, it inspires the natural nesting nature of hedgehogs.

Furthermore, with 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon (4000+ reviews), it is a high rating and is our top recommendation. So, it is our premium choice. It is very easy to clean. Also, it is stain-resistant. So, do not feel a burden on yourself.  It is durable because it is made of sturdy plastic.

  • Hedgehog’s natural hideout

  • Inspires nesting instincts

  • Durable

  • Hedgehog can chew the plastic
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4. Lee’s Jumbo Exercise Ball:

In Amazon hedgehog toys and out of all the toys on this rundown, this jumbo exercise ball by Lee Kritter Krawler is debatably the one that will provide your little one the most entertainment. Mainly, this jumbo exercise ball is designed to keep the pet inside. Then, a hedgehog can choose where they want to go. It is ready from unbreakable plastic. So, it does not smash easily when they knock into solid surfaces. Additionally, its diameter is 10 inches, which means your pet will not feel confined in it.

Also, in hedgehog toys and treats, this ball has enough ventilation to safeguard that the hedgehog breathes easily while inside. Furthermore, this durable hedgehog toy has many clutches on the inside surface that permit the little one to have better control over the direction of the ball. Moreover, the best thing about this hedgehog toy is that you let your hedgehog out of its inclusion into the open area without any terror of losing it.

Many reviewers admire it because it has 4.3 stars out of 5(400+ reviews). This jumbo ball knuckles the hedgehog toys. Manic the hedgehog toys provide the hedgehog with decent exercises and give you excessive fun.

  • Fun

  • Let your little one travel their environments

  • Durable

  • Expensive
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5. Kaytee’s Playground Puzzle For Small Animals:

This cool hedgehog toy by Kaytee will be huge fun equally for you and your hedgehog. Interestingly, it checks your rational strength and endurance to make a jungle gym or play unit for your hedgehog. While, for the animals, it permits them to have various hiding and playing spaces.

The Playground Puzzle offers you to keep treats in numerous parts for your hedgehog to explore while playing. Moreover, this cute hedgehog toy rouses them psychologically and lets the hedgehog work out their instinct of hiding and nesting. It can also work as mazes for hedgehogs. So, it is one of the best hedgehog plush toys.

This product of Kaytee has a notable 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon (2000+ reviews). Furthermore, the only obstacle to this toy hedgehog is patience and time to arrange it correctly. Otherwise, one can get irritated by this toy story hedgehog.

  • Psychological stimulation for you and your hedgehog

  • Inspires hiding instincts

  • Expandable

  • Durable plastic

  • Need time to set up
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6. Prevue Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut:

If you are searc

hing for a retreat toy that cannot hurt your sensitive one, then Prevue’s hideaway grass hut is an excellent choice. Chiefly, the hideaway grass hut is hand-woven and its goal is to please and satisfy your hedgehog nature to nest, explore, and burrow.

Furthermore, you can keep small toys and treats inside the hut. It also permits the hedgehog to enjoy themselves while lounging in. As it is 6 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 11 inches long so, your pet hedgehog will have extra space to ensure its activities.

Many reviewers rate it as impeccable for some beginner hedgehog’s parents because of its 4.5 stars out of 5 (900+ reviews). Due to its 100% all-natural sisal tassel and DIY hedgehog toys that cannot hurt the hedgehog while they bite on it.

  • All-natural materials

  • Encourages exploration and nesting

  • Spacious

  • It may not last long
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7. Dahey Hedgehog Mini Chair:

If you want to make your hedgehog happier than your expectations, try this hedgehog toy.  It is not only attractive for your hedgehog but also you. As hedgehogs are not precisely sitting habitual.

However, this hedgehog baby toy is an excessive addition to the hedgehog’s enclosure. Additionally, this colored hedgehog plush toy is best as a photo prop. If you are a photo person then this plastic hedgehog toy will help you to create mesmerizing photos. Chiefly, this fun hedgehog toy can be also considered as a hedgehog toy for babies hedgehog.

Similarly, you can utilize it as an attractive piece for the hedgehog cage or for keeping the hedgehog toy’s acceptable treats in it. Fahey’s plastic swivel chair is a very comfortable hedgehog toy for babies. These educational hedgehog toys make your baby more confident and happy. This interactive hedgehog toy will help you to maintain your relationship more strongly with your little one.

This product has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon (300+ reviews). Furthermore, the plastic seat is durable enough to take care of your lovely hedgehog.

  • Great picture prop

  • Sturdy design

  • Decorative piece

  • It may take some time for the hedgehog to like it
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Q1. What toys are good for hedgehogs?

Ans. Exercise wheels, mazes, cat toys, boxes, tube tunnels, and toy dump trucks are very good for a little buddy. Other also include Shadow hedgehog toys, Shadic the hedgehog toys, and Nazo the hedgehog toys.

Q2. Do hedgehogs like toys?

Ans. Hedgehog the tiny pal, is a playful, active, creature. They love to be amused with toys. They will likewise amuse you with all their fun, wild activity! Hedgehog gets the maximum advantage from particular kinds of toys that inspire their instinct or activities in the wild. So, toys are highly recommended to mimic this sort of activity.

Q3. What kind of toys do hedgehogs play with?

Ans. There are miscellaneous hedgehog toys that your hedgehogs love to play with. It contains Alfred the hedgehog toys, African pygmy hedgehog toys, cool boy hedgehog toys, bobby hedgehog toys, hedgehog cat toys, and hedgehog dog toys.

Q4. Do hedgehogs need to chew toys?

Ans. No, not really. But if you have a little hedgehog who enjoys chewing (mostly they do not bother) then you can offer chewable toys so it makes them happy. Also, you need to be cautious about toys with small chunks (such as Hot Wheels cars) or which can easily be smashed (such as the pompom balls).

How Do I Keep My Hedgehog Entertained?

hedgehog entertained

You have a wonderful, cute, attractive animal friend! However, how do you keep a hedgehog entertained and content? There are some ways by which you can keep your little one happy and healthy.


Make sure your hedgehog gets proper time out of his cage frequently. Firstly, give your little fellow a child pool, keep a few fun toys in it, and let him play freely in it. It will help your hedgehog to work out.


Furthermore, little animals continuously require at least one excellent hidey-hole. Get your gorgeous companion an adorable little castle or a small igloo. Cozies, which are chiefly small sacks, are likewise a worthy choice. Make sure it is large enough for your hedgehog to turn around in it.


Moreover, many hedgehogs like treats. So, you can provide your sensitive friend with insects, such as mealworms, silkworms, wax worms, or crickets. Few dog or cat treats are similarly fine. Additional choices comprise cooked turkey, salmon, chicken, or egg. Inquire with your vet for particular recommendations.


Additionally, hedgehogs love to discover tunnels and mazes. It will keep the hedgehog lively, and active, and give him psychological stimulation. You can purchase mazes, or also style your own out of PVC pipe or shoeboxes. To make it more discoverable and even more enjoyable for your hedgehog, hide a portion of food at the end of the pet’s tunnel.


Chiefly, the hedgehog spends the majority of his time in his cage. So it is vital to ensure fun and entertainment for him. Give your tiny guy ample toys. As we mention in our list of hedgehog toys.  Your pet hedgehog may also like small cars, balls, and trucks. Also, you can provide him with DIY toys. For example, the cardboard ducts from toilet paper rolls make excessive chew toys.

Sleeping Bags:

These little ones like to burrow into stuff and make small nests. So, provide your hedgehog with some easy-to-handle and soft blankets. Place some parts into a shoebox, it will appeal to him.


Lastly, hedgehogs do not mind cuddling or snuggling with their parents. So, wrap your tiny friend in a cozy blanket, and permit him to nap on your lap.

So, there are a few things to think of when buying the best hedgehog toys for your tiny companion.

What Advantages Are Found In All Good Hedgehog Toys?

good hedgehog toys

When you want to choose certain hedgehog toys to bring additional pleasure to your hedgehog’s day, you will need to be confident it is suitable and appropriate for them.


Safety is the chief and most significant thing to be conscious of.  As you do not want your little one to harm themselves while playing. When we talk about safety, always try to evade any hedgehog toy that has piercing edges. Anything detachable or sharp that can lead to your little one injuring itself is strictly prohibited. As it can hurt or harm the pal.

If the hedgehog toy is excellent and attractive but has sharp edges. Then try to smoothen them out.

Therefore, it is one of the key reasons, why we favor hedgehog toys that are ready by trustworthy producers rather than DIY hedgehog toys. So, the risk of the hedgehog toy being falling apart or unsafe is significantly lesser.


The second thing to consider is the color. Mostly, hedgehogs like to play with toys that are bright in color. Also, Hedgehogs attract bright colors. Therefore, keep it in your thoughts while shopping around for the best hedgehog toy.

The best hedgehog toys on our list are eye-catching and bright. However, there is constantly a chance that your little one has an interest in dull colors. It is all about learning the knowledge of preference and liking of your little pet. Yet bright colors are a decent starting point.

Easy to move:

Furthermore, hedgehog toys should have the ability to move around in their surroundings. These little one likes to move their toys around in their cages. They will probably be doing this frequently every night. If this feature is not available in your hedgehog toy then consider buying another toy. Wheels are the exclusion here.


Meanwhile, there are a very limited amount of picks obtainable for hedgehog toys and accessories. Therefore, you have to buy toys that are ready for gerbils, ferrets, hamsters, and other animals.

All of these creatures have different sizes. So, you will have to take the measurement of your hedgehog and select accessories and toys where they can properly fit in. For balls and exercise wheels, we suggest purchasing one that is at least 12 inches in diameter.

And for beds, mazes, hideouts, and tunnels make sure that the entry point is wide enough so your hedgehog can easily enter. Preferably, these accessories should have an entry point of at least 6 inches wide.


There is always a danger of toys breaking and possibly hurting your little one. To prevent any accidents, it is the best idea, to buy hedgehog toys and accessories ready through sturdy, harmless, and unbreakable material. These toys will not only be safer but also will last for a long time.


Certain hedgehogs have a practice of chewing everything they come crossways. It means that they will similarly attempt to chew their accessories and toys. Nonetheless, if these hedgehog’s accessories and toys are prepared from bad quality and poisonous materials, then they will pose a serious danger to your little hedgehog’s fitness, health, and well-being if swallowed.

Therefore, to decrease this danger, select accessories and toys made out of non-toxic plastics or natural fibers and wood to guarantee that your hedgehog is secure and safe.

Also, it means that you should try your best to avoid purchasing stuffed toys for hedgehogs that are additionally active. If in any case, they attempt to chew them and unintentionally or accidentally gulp the polyester or cotton filling, the result can be deadly.


For sure, each hedgehog has a different personality. So, they require different kinds of toys. Certain can be more vigorous, while some of them can be more earmarked. If you have an active one, then you would be best off purchasing an excellent quality exercise ball and exercise wheel.

But if you have an earmarked type of hedgehog, then it is healthier to invest in more hideaways, puzzles, and tunnels. So that these types of toys will offer them secrecy and also privacy. Also, your little one will like to play and spend time with them. Mazes and balls are very essential. Nearly every hedgehog wants something to play with. All hedgehogs have an inquisitive nature.

Best Popular Types Of Hedgehog Toys:

Popular Types of Hedgehog Toys

Hedgehogs have a love for some kinds of toys. The next are choices that you should consider.

Wooden Tunnel Tubes:

As stated, hedgehogs adore tunnels. As it is part of their instinct to hide in places like a tunnel. So, a tunnel tube toy will continuously be an excellent toy for your hedgehog. However, not all tunnel toys are complete from resources that the animal can ingest safely.

Therefore, wooden tunnel toys are the best choice. However, firstly you have to be sure that the toy tunnel does not have sharp splinters or edges that can harm or injure your pal.

Barrel Roller:

Moreover, this is a woody toy that your hedgehog can move around. It typically has a ball inside that creates sounds as the hedgehog drives it around. Also, it will provide them with both mental and physical stimulation.

Knot Nibbler:

In case your hedgehog is habitual to chew then you must search for these types of toys for your hedgehog. But, be sure that the toy is made up of harmless materials. So, your hedge can chew it without any worry. While selecting a knot nibbler type of toy, it is good to go for those that are prepared of woody material and colored with organic vegetable colors. This will guarantee that your hedgehog’s health and fitness are not a danger when they nibbles on the toy.

Hideout Toys:

Hedgehogs usually hide once they feel agitated or stressed. In this situation, a Hideout or hidey-hole toy is the most suitable for your little one.

Also, you have to study the material of the hideout toy. Usually, the best hideouts are ready from grass or wood fibers. Moreover, a good hideout does not comprise any stuff that could hurt your hedgehog pet.

Final words:

In conclusion, one of the best vital things that you can ensure to maintain your little hedgehog’s happiness is to provide them sufficient physical and mental stimulation. It will guarantee that your hedgehog does not feel bored. Boredom can lead your little one to stress. Furthermore, as the hedges are solitary creatures so, they need more motivation than other animals that can stay in couples.

Hedgehog toys offer you an easy way of giving that stimulation and motivation to your hedgehog. The best hedgehog toys that we have reviewed in our list confirm your hedgehog’s fitness as well as develop their cognitive skills.

So, watching your hedgehog buddy completely involved with a toy is both adorable and heartwarming. You now have a lot of outstanding recommendations for hedgehog toys that will appeal to your hedgehog. Go for some different kinds of toys till you find out which one your pal enjoys.