Where To Buy A Hedgehog And What It Costs

In this post, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to buy a hedgehog as a pet. Each day for many reasons, hedgehog adoption is increasingly popular. They’re cute. They stay gladly in their cage. They can be accepted even if you have a small residence.

Many individuals don’t know what the cost of hedgehogs is. Then you have to purchase them much more when you pay the price for care and other equipment. The ideal way to express to your pet how often you care about can be shopping for your favorite hedgehog. Pick your beloved hedgehog from any shop of your choice. Normally, larger chains of shops selling hedgehogs will have the greatest selection of different varieties of hedgehogs.

When you are prepared to buy a hedgehog, please keep in mind the following information.

How Much Hedgehog Cost?

Generally, the standard cost of hedgehog is $100-$300. When you choose a local pet store with your African pygmy hedgehog, they could cost somewhat less. On the other hand, it could end up being a little more if you acquire them from a well-known and recognized breeder.

We would suggest that you acquire your pet hedgehog from a well-established breeder. This will guarantee that the threat of health problems is minimized and that everything is treated safely. We also present here some of the greatest shops selling hedgehogs.

What Is The Impact Of Color On The Cost Of A Hedgehog?

There are many hedgehog colors. People don’t usually believe you when you tell people, that a total of 90 hedgehog colors are available. Some of them are rare and are more costly than the common ones.

An Informative Guide To Hedgehog Color And Hedgehog Prices Pets Mart:

How much do hedgehogs cost? A Pets Mart hedgehog’s prices are the following.

Hedgehog color Valuable Information Cost
Salt and Pepper Hedgehogs The hedgehogs of salt and pepper color have a black nose, ears, and shoulders. The other face is white. Their spines are mainly white, however they are black. They contain white hair also on their underbelly, as you would anticipate from a white-bellied hedgehog. Price of hedgehog $150-$200
Cinnamon One of my favorites is the cinnamon hedgehog color. They have a faint red nose on their shoulders a white belly and rose skin. Their spines are predominantly white however the bands have a cinnamon touch. Cinnamon hedgehog pet prices $150-$200
Chocolate The hedgehogs of chocolate seem a little like a darker cinnamon variant. They’ve got white spines as well as a darker nose and brown bands. They’ve got white bellies on their faces and a very light mask. Pet hedgehog price is $100-$200
Grey – dark grey Many people mistake salts and peppers for grey hedgehogs however the key distinction is the mask. White spines and black bands have grey hedgehogs with a dark snout but their mask is much weaker. This hedgehog price is $100-$200
Brown These cheap hedgehogs are light-rich, brown, and uniform throughout their bodies. Their spines are white while their bands are light brown. This color version sometimes contains also a faint mask. This hedgehog price is $100-$200
Dark Cinnicot A very unusual color of the dark cinnicot. You have on your shoulders white bellies and pink skin. Your nose is dark reddish-brown and your face never has a mask. This hedgehog price is $100-$200
Black-Eyed Cinnicot They are extremely identical to the dark cinnicot, other than in the spines. They feature white spines, and light beige and cinnamon have a split belt color variety. This hedgehog price is $100-$200
White Hedgehogs White hedgehog pets for sale are a truly clean and increasingly popular color group. Having their firm white spines is the major attribute with them. The bands present tend to be extremely light. Baby hedgehog prices is $250-$275
Ruby-Eyed Cinnicot The hedgehogs for sale color of the ruby eyes are like the color of the black eyed cinnicot, the only distinction being the color of the eyes. These are red eyes rather than black hedgehogs.  


Hedgehog Price Pets Mart $275-$300



It is just as dark, but red-eyed, as the cinnicot. The spines are of the same color and therefore have no covered face. Their bellies and the nose are the same in color.  

This hedgehog price is $200 – $225



Apricot is a color that looks quite beautiful. You have a bright, pink nose that easily changes into your unmasked face and have red eyes that wonderfully match your face! Pet hedgehog cost is $200 – $225
Pale Apricot All the pale apricot color is the same as the ordinary apricot color but with considerably lighter spines. This hedgehog price is $200 – $225
Albino Hedgehogs This albino hedgehog for sale is just another illustration of the color of a hedgehog with its category. While that is a coloring guide, this does not apply to the albino species. There is no coloration or pigment of any Albino hedgehogs. They both have white hair and spines, and they have no banding. Albino hedgehog cost is $275-$300
Pinto Hedgehogs Pinto hedgehogs, instead of color class, technically have their color pattern. That means they are in a separate category of their own!

There is no color to Pinto hedgehogs on many of their spines, and also on the skin underneath very little color.

Baby hedgehog’s prices are $175 – $250
Black Hedgehogs You still have some alternatives, albeit there are no black hedgehog hues. Our view is that Algerian black is the nearest you can get. Their body and spines are colored most strongly. This hedgehog price is $275-$300
Snowflake Hedgehogs Hedgehog sales from snowflakes have an interesting color that is classed as white-bellied. This is a very fascinating batch that has a very deep and contrasting look. Hedgehogs with the snowflake have their name so because the colors of the spine seem like snow from the right corner! Hedgehogs as pets cost $200-$275
Algerian Hedgehogs Algerian hedgehogs have different color classes than the famous white beautiful group. The colors of their mask and cheeks are the major thing that distinguishes them. Average hedgehog price is $175-$250
Algerian White The Algerian white subgroup is made up of a range of various colors. Listing them one by one is a bit overwhelming because they are identical to other Algerian hedgehogs. The cost of hedgehogs is $175-$250.
Algerian Grey This color is somewhat like a hedgehog of salt and pepper. The main difference is that you have a beautiful brown patch next to your mask. This hedgehog price is $275-$300
Algerian Black This is surely our favorite color of this domestic hedgehog! It looks like small skunk hybrids and it’s quite lovely. Their dorsal bands are very dark and their faces are also black. This hedgehog price is $275-$300
Algerian Brown With these hedgehogs, light brown is extremely noticeable. The skin and spines are found on your cheeks and masks. This hedgehog price is $275-$300

Where To Buy A Hedgehog Or Hedgehog’s Pet Store:

We’ve come to know and adore the little snobbery critters. Among the little animal owners, they’re a popular pet and it’s easy to see why! Hedgehogs have large personalities and are little animals. You like and detest, you enjoy toys or food, and you even enjoy bedding. Hedgies may be timid and social but usually love the man who loves them and feels safe.

However, it is a requirement before taking one home to take account of the immediate and long term costs of owning a hedgehog. You should never buy or buy an impulse for someone who doesn’t expect a new pet. Time and effort are required and money investments are required.

Buy a Hedgehog
Buy a Hedgehog


Hedgehog  $50+

It is difficult to say how much you’re paying to take a hedgehog to purchase it, but on average it’s up to $100. Rescue prices are based on how much they could spend on the animal. Hedgehogs for sale under $50 have greater acceptance charges also ensure that they get to a home that provides them with proper care.

Please be aware that breeders often call them to “adopt” a hedgehog. This can be misleading and cause people to believe that they save an animal from a profitable breeder.

Breeder $100-300+

Hedgehogs are a rare exception, frequently reserved for handicapped or un-breedable hedgehogs, when it comes to the purchase of a hedgehog by a breeder. For a hedgehog from a breeder, you might pay up to $200. You can pay more than $300 for hedgehogs that are more desirable or uncommon in color.

Take the time to search for each breeder you can buy to ensure reputable and healthy animals are reproduced. This information can usually be found via online reviews.

Pet Store With Hedgehogs

Morning Star Hedgehog


Janda Exotics


Exotic Nutrition


How To Care A Hedgehog?

Hedgehog care may be as basic or complex as you do, but it does have very definite and prominent needs that must be met, before being imprisoned. He is a very active and entertaining creature who has nutritional, emotional, and territorial demands that must be satisfied to complete a happy and healthy life span of four to seven years.

His need to do in captivity differs a little from that which he drills in the wild, and recognizing this part of hedgehog maintenance will make life much more joyful for you both.

Simple Tips For Hedgehog Care:

Ever hunting for nutrition are the Hedgehogs. By offering a regular nutritious diet, you can attract hedgehogs to enter your yard and keep them coming back. A variety of Hedgehog Feeds are accessible to buy from dry biscuits to healthy mixes that are stored by all the major wildlife stores.

Gardens create ideal habitats for hedgehogs. In a calm portion of your garden stack logs, blanks, straws,s, and twigs to make sure this region stays uninterrupted. A Hedgehog Box is suggested.

When you have a unified platform, it is recommended that you remove a brick, and make a hole in the fences or beneath the tunnel, such that hedgehogs can easily pass through while looking for food or a partner. It is important to note that hedgehogs frequently winter in piles of compost and stacks of wood or twigs destined for fires.

You may not realize that hedgehogs are indeed fantastic for sweeping away unpleasant pests like slugs, snails, and insects in your garden. But make sure that no chemical insecticides or pellets are used that can injure hedgehogs significantly.

Hedgehogs, like every living being, have to withstand water. In this respect, you need to seek a decent source of fresh water and also to change it ideally every day, as often as possible. Please ensure no domestic animals have exposure to this because they can use water without realizing it.

tips for hedgehog care
tips for hedgehog care

Things To Consider Before Hedgehog Adoption:

This is very important and a great deal of research needs to be done before a hedgehog is adopted. Let us look at the little things to consider before the adoption to help you make your decision.


Hedgehogs are tropical animals so they must be kept healthy by adequate temperature moderation. Depending on hedgehog requirements, which can be measured by regular monitoring, the temperature varies between 72 Fahrenheit (22° C) and 75 Fahrenheit ( 24 degrees Celsius). In the room in which the hedgehog is maintained, a warmer could be used to make the house warm.

You might use a ceramic heat exchanger or space heater. The environment must be warm because the cold atmosphere might make the hedgehog sick and even lead to its death. The Ice Age must be exposed to light every day for a minimum of 12 hours.

Home Sweet Home

It’s not an easy process to adopt a hedgehog. You must make sure that the small pet stays in his cage and stays hearty. The small ball of spring balls takes enough moving space. Therefore a cage should be preferred of approximately 3-4 square feet. The cage should be built of glass or acrylic and ventilated appropriately. Hedgehog cage has high walls so that the hedgehog is not able to get out of the cage is also crucial to bear in mind.

The cage should be solid. To guarantee that the hedgehog’s little sensitive feet are not hurt, it should be free of holes, wire, loose threads, and rolls. Dry pine shavings or a cage liner fabric can be utilized for bedding. Under no conditions use cedar or maize cob beds since they create respiratory difficulties. Make sure that the ergo is happy with any other sort of bedding, and doesn’t eat, as it can hamper him.

The hedgehog should have fresh food and water in his cage every day. Ensure that egg white is supplied to high protein foods such as chicken. Hedgehogs are food for bugs, so silkworms, crickets, and mealworms make for a magnificent celebration.

Hedgehog Adoption- A Benefit for Life

The hedgehogs, like other pets, want to be kind and careful. For such a well of the hedgehog, you should spend a bit of your time. Not everyone’s nice hedgehogs and learning fast. If you want your pet hedgehog to respect you, you must be patient. If you are afraid, the hedgehog can roll in a ball.

Remember, for such activities not to chastise him. You need to work to establish a friendly relationship using him, just like with others. If the hedgehog trusts you and replies to your love, the beautiful little piece of delight will be your pleasure. Adoption of Hedgehog is a lifelong boon. Therefore be proud that you have given a vulnerable soul a new leash of life.

Hedgehog Adoption
Hedgehog Adoption

What Are The Parameters For Choosing A Healthy Hedgehog?

It’s not very difficult to choose a healthy hedgehog. If you do not have your first pet, throughout most animals you will certainly see any clear indicators of illness. Nevertheless, if it is essential to select a pet, the following recommendations can aid first-time timers and others.

Look at the first one in your hedgehog’s eyes. Are they obvious? Does she seem to be alert and conscious of her environment? If so, then the choice of a healthy hedgehog will be a good one.

Secondly, look for the cleanliness of his fur and quills. You may not even be fully clean if you buy your hedgehog from a pet store.

Thirdly, see whether your pet chooses scabs or injuries. Please ensure they’re healing when you notice them. You should also know how the harm has happened as well as how the treatment has transpired. If not, please be sure that’s the one before you take her home.

Fourthly, look over and check your skin over your fur. Is that dry? Is it dry? This could imply a mite problem. Mites and fleas may be treated simply, but make sure you ask the trader about your hedgehog’s health status.

Finally, examine your weight, your feet, and your alertness. Hedgehogs must not roll too fat or too thin to shrink their sides. Your clots should be cut. If you start curling below, it’s too long. Request the owner to demonstrate to you how to cut it before you take it home.


How much does a baby hedgehog cost?

The average hedgehog cost might range from $100 to $300. The price depends on the age and the friendliness of the hedgehog, and its coloring. Either salt or pepper or cinnamon is the cheapest hedgehogs and “pinto” hedges are in the mid-price level.

Do hedgehogs make good pets?

Animal hedgehogs have smooth, brush-like spines on their coat. Pet hedgehogs are calm, energetic, and entertaining, and need a lot of attention. They produce fantastic pets as night animals, but in the evening you have to feed and care for them.

Can hedgehogs float in water?

Hedgehogs floating in water should not float in the water on their back unless the water is pleasant. Most people for baths fill a lavatory or a bath with one or two inches of warm water at most. She should be capable of standing safely in the water, and it should not be higher on her face also her.

How much does a pygmy hedgehog price?

Look for a reliable breeder rather than buying your spiny animal from a store. Look for anyone of pygmy hedgehog for sale who breeds and routinely handles his young people for sound temperament. Young hedgehogs are safer to overcome when you are 6-8 weeks old. The typical price might vary from 75 dollars to 250 dollars.

Where to buy a hedgehog near me?

To find a hedgehog nearby, check local pet stores, reputable breeders, shelters, or online adoption platforms. Prioritize sources that prioritize the well-being of the hedgehog and follow ethical standards.